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Villa San Crispolto - Classic Package

Villa San Crispolto – Classic Package

Our Classic package has been carefully designed to offer a comprehensive wedding solution that covers all the basics.


Please see below for a detailed list of everything you can expect from our Classic Package and keep in mind that we’re more than happy to tailor your package to your specific requirements.


To discuss the Classic Package with one of our wedding planners call us today on +39.335.8120855


The below package is based on 40 guests but we’re happy to accommodate up to 70. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, we’re more than happy to discuss any special requirements you may have.

Villa San Crispolto all-inclusive Italian Wedding – Classic Package


The package price have been calculated for a legally recognized wedding including all necessary fees.


The ceremony can be celebrated at your choice in:



Cathedral of Cortona


Cortona Town Hall


Villa San Crispolto Garden


The fees for:

  • Cortona Town Hall
  • Cathedral of Cortona
  • The use of the Garden Temple
  • Are included in the package


The fees for:


  • Detailed information as to the procedures to be followed
  • The cost for complete assistance in organizing your ceremony
  • The signing of the legal paperwork at the registrar office in Cortona;
  • Ceremony organized at the villa;
  • Complete assistance in organizing the required documents;
  • Lodging of the documentation at the town hall office;
  • Consular expenses paid in advance;
  • Interpreting services at the offices in Cortona for the affidavit the day prior to the wedding;
  • Interpreting services of the wedding day including the ceremony;
  • Reserving the venue for the ceremony on your behalf.
  • Are included in the package
  • The price listed is valid for British Citizens

Romantic Italian Wedding organization:


As you know, there are a lot of things to do, a lot of people to contact and, most importantly, plenty of research to do for the best offers at the lowest price for your special day. We will be your “eyes” here in Italy: we will try to understand all your needs and help you fulfill them.


To do this, we will exchange numerous e-mails and spend many hours in front of our computers. We are very happy to do this. We will do our best by searching and making phone calls, traveling around to find what is needed to fulfill your requests.


For its fee, Romantic Italian Wedding organization offers the followings:


  • Free use of the software “8 Steps for a perfect Wedding at our Villas”;
  • Free use of the software “wedding budget calculator”;
  • unlimited possibilities to contact us through emails;
  • unlimited number of messages using “the 8-steps tool”;
  • unlimited possibilities to visit the villa before the event (respecting our timetable);
  • unlimited number of phonecalls from our office to your land phone number;
  • once you’ve reached the villa for the week of your wedding, we offer 30 hours of personalized assistance by Marco and Romantic Italian Wedding staff.


At your arrival, a meeting is included to double check the whole wedding organization point and a complete schedule of all your appointments during the week;


a rehearsal is included on the morning of the day before the event in the venue of the ceremony;


full assistance is included on the wedding day from the morning till the end of the reception.




  • Deal#1:


3 nights rental FREE of CHARGE at Villa Panorama Bello:


It accomodates 4+2, 90SQM, 1 kingsize bedroom with ensuite bathroom and shower, 1 two single beds bedroom, 1 bathroom with shower, 1 kitchen fully equipped with fridge, oven and burners, 1 living area with a sofa bed. Outside space for dining “al fresco” with garden furniture. This villa sleeps 6, 4 in regular beds and 2 in a sofa bed.


  • Check in 4pm; check out 10am


Please click here to see photos and full descriptions


Lake View


  • Deal #2:


1 week rental Free of Charge of a FIAT 500 THREE COLORED ITALIAN FLAG or a Peugeot 208


This is going to be a detail that will make your “Italian wedding” look really Italian.


There are some details that represent Italy in the world… the delicious pizza, the lovely wine, the sunshine, the FIAT 500 and our flag: the GREEN-WHITE-RED Tricolor.


I thought of joining 2 of our most famous symbols: the Fiat 500 and the tricolor.


  • Use our Fiat 500 for the week and each time you’ll drive it you will feel Italian (not for the driving style hopefully…. :))
  • Take photos of your wedding day with the background of the tricolor Fiat 500
  • If your wedding takes place in Cortona this can be the car of the groom and of the best man or why not, even the bride …
  • If your wedding takes place at the Villa this will be the perfect background for unique and unforgettable photos


If you think instead that this Peugeot 208 is the right car you can opt for it. Having a car available when you’re at the villa will be very useful. You might wish to go to the supermarket every day, maybe at the station to pick up a guest that just arrived during the week. Any trip you might wish to do will be easy and cheap. If in the evenings you prefer a taxi ride to eat out, the Peugeot 208 is the way to move around during the day.


  • From the Saturday of your arrival at 4 pm till the Friday at 4pm


Please click here to see photos of the cars available.


Fiat 500

Exclusive use of our 5 star villa that can accommodate up to 32 people

Menu San Lorenzo by Caterer Renata


Reception meal of 3 courses and wedding cake, organized for 40 people. The courses of this menu are:

  • an aperitif served around the pool
  • a buffet of appetisers OR a first course
  • 1 main course with side dish served per person
  • the wedding cake
  • fruits and coffee or tea


Please check this link to see the full description of the menu proposal


The price listed includes:


  • Tables
  • Tablecloths and Napkins
  • Chairs
  • Porcelain dishes
  • Glasses
  • Cutlery
  • Staff (cooks , waiters, ecc…)



Drinks included for your reception:


  • 320 Bottles of Villa San Crispolto Red/White or Prosecco Wine.
  • 200 beers (Italian Moretti)
  • All the necessary bottled mineral water
  • For information on this visit Wine & Wedding Package


Wine WeddingWine Wedding



The different Bar options are:


  • A – OPEN BAR
  • B – CASH BAR




DEAL: Lighted Counter Bar


Would you like to personalize your counter bar with a light effect that will make your entire party bar eye-catching?


  • Your guests will certainly be impressed.
  • Our lighted counter bar measuring 290x80x110.
  • You can change the counter bar colors as to how you best prefer thanks to a RGB led that allows you to choose the most fascinating and elegant color perfectly in match with your wedding.
  • You can choose the color you fancy before the wedding party.


The Price listed is valid for a Cash Bar


Please check this link to see the lighted counter bar


Blue BarBlue BarBlue Bar

Wedding Outdoor Reception and Marquee use for the reception meal.

Lighting is an essential and decisive element to create your perfect wedding. It adds and personalizes the theme and mood of your wedding and your reception, adding style and elegance to your event.

Where your reception will take place:

If you chose as destination Italy, wedding and outdoor reception, decoration with lighting… you will find that Romantic Italian Weddings it thought to all, we have organized things at their best at our Villa San Crispolto allowing you to enjoy an outdoor event in all weather conditions.

Have you chosen Italy because fascinated by the amazing sunny weather and you want to be completely outdoors?

Romantic Italian Weddings is the only one giving you this certainty … How is that possible, you ask yourself?

Well, we have at Villa San Crispolto both a garden space with the very fashionable string lights bulb that any bride wants now for her wedding
as well a marquee that can be opened completely.

Book your wedding with us, if the season and the good weather allow it we will organize the wedding at your choice in the open space on the villa lawn.

But if the weather does not give you 100% guarantee that you can carry out the entire event without protection, only Villa San Crispolto can offer you a splendid fully openable marquee with glass windows.

  • What’s not to love about marquee wedding receptions? They’re budget-friendly, flexible and perfect for fun outdoor celebrations throughout the summer.
  • Here at Villa San Crispolto, we make great use of our large marquee, which is a perfect accompaniment to the villa’s stunning gardens. Over the years, our marquee has been a great success and we’ve hosted many memorable receptions under its roof. We’ve also picked up a few inventive ways to customise it along the way.
  • Here’s a few reasons our marquee is such a fabulous reception space:
  • Our marquee is seriously stylish and well-equipped. Complete with antique terracotta floors and sliding glass walls that can be completely opened up during the summer (and closed whenever it’s less warm), our marquee’s expansive interior is a truly elegant environment. It’s even fitted with four beautiful chandeliers with built in speakers for background music. And, in case you think marquees are a summer-only option, ours is equipped with heating, making it an effective year-round reception venue.
  • We’ll help you make the most of our marquee. Over the years, we’ve used the marquee in numerous different ways and helped to realise a wide-variety of personalised looks and decorations. We’re more than happy to discuss your personal vision and help you realise a unique reception that feels extra special. Our priority is to ensure that every aspect of the planning is stress-free and our venue manager Iuna will be on a hand throughout the big day to tackle any challenges with as little fuss as possible.
  • Why not make use of the ceiling? We’re keen to help you introduce as much decorative personalisation as possible and we’ve found that the ceiling can be employed in a wide variety of creative ways to help you create a unique style. Hanging lanterns, pom poms, chandeliers, origami birds or elegant hanging crystals… There are many inventive ways to make the marquee your own.
  • We’ve got loads more marquee wedding ideas. Lighting is another great way to create a special atmosphere. We’ve employed all manner of creative lighting ideas over the years – string lights, light bulbs, coloured lights and lanterns can all be deployed to help create the right ambience.
  • Extensive car parking makes access easy. Parking is handily located, meaning access is easy for guests and back-of-house suppliers. A solid walkway provides safe passage between the car park and the marquee and won’t be a problem for ladies in heels, even when the weather’s inclement.
  • There’s no need for mobile toilets. Villa San Crispolto is equipped with 15 toilets that can be used on the day, so however many guests you’ve invited the toilet facilities will be more than adequate.
  • This structure, measuring 5 x 18 meters (16.4 x 59′) for a total area of 90 square meters (nearly 970 sq. ft), can comfortably accommodate groups up to 70 people. This extremely elegant structure is cream on the outside and the ceiling inside is lined with exquisite cream-colored plissé fabric.
  • The interior offers stunning views of the olive grove below, the green hills, our marvellous garden and Lake Trasimeno in the background.
  • Very few villas have a permanent structure like this on their grounds. We’re delighted to offer our marquee at an extra-competitive price to couples who rent Villa San Crispolto – less than 1/3 of the market price for renting this type of structure for just the wedding day.




  • DEAL#1: Wedding Lighting
  • A new style for the wedding decorations are the lighting our company can propose you, the perfect lighting decoration.
  • Lighting is a great way to set the mood for your wedding. Get creative and use our lighting techniques, lights can brighten up your venue or give your event a cozy romantic feel.
  • Nothing transforms a wedding setting quite like the right lighting. String lights, light bulbs, colored lights and lanterns all create ambience and add an elegant touch to your special day.
  • There are plenty of ways to use lighting to give your wedding a custom look, it really can set an atmosphere and create a special effect.
  • Turn your wedding site to simply stunning with the help of our wedding lighting ideas or write us with your personal ideas and send us photos and we will work with your requests.
  • As in the photo above, fairy lights over all the marquee ceiling and lights decorating the 4 plants located within the marquee.
  • (5 m * 18 = 90 mq )


  • DEAL#2: Light Up LOVE Letters
  • Are you looking for gorgeous light up LOVE letters to give a vintage and personalized look to your wedding day? Make your wedding day sparkle… With our large light up letters we can add a bit of bling and shine to the most important day of your life.
  • The Light up LOVE letters are perfect whatever the theme of your wedding…


  • DEAL#3: Wedding Decorations
  • On a regular basis, for a destination wedding it is always so complicated to send over packs of decorations.
  • You can rent everything you see in these photos and placed on the table hereunder. There are pictures with each of them to give you a better idea of the product.
  • The items can be used to decorate:
    • the aperitifs buffet,
    • the table for the bar during the party,
    • the guest book table or the favors table
    • or different other tables during the reception.


Please check this link to see photos of the 3 deals


Photo coverage for the ceremony and photo tour:


    • Photo tour: Please visit this link to see photos taken in the medieval town of Cortona and nearby the Villa and Cortona in  Olive, Lavender, Poppy, Sunflowers, Grape and Easter Seasons


  • please visit this link to see the photos of some previous weddings we had in Cortona.
  • You will be able to leave Cortona with your personalized photo C.D. of the wedding
  • 3 hours of coverage.
  • A DVD disc support, containing all the shots of the day taken (unlimited pics) in high resolution (details file: size 30x20cm, 300dpi), optimized in post production and ready for the print.
  • Right to reprint them for private use. No watermarking.
  • Saving files in photographer archive for 1 year.
  • Travel and all the taxes included.

Flowers Package including:


  • 1 bridal bouquet
  • 1 bouquet for the attendant
  • 1 boutonniere
  • 1 arrangement at the church/city hall
  • 1 table arrangement for the reception

Hair style and Make-up for the Bride included a test the day before the wedding


  • A great professional will make you the most beautiful bride of the world

Violin during the ceremony. Professional artist will play 5 most touching pieces at the topic moments of the ceremony


  • Professional artist will play the most touching pieces at the topic moments of the ceremony.Please see his extended repertoire

Deejay for your party


  • It includes the DJ’s performance and the “Lighted RGB” DJ Console.
  • The stereo equipment will be set up before the reception starts.
  • During the meal there will be background music and the possibility to use the wireless microphone for the speeches.
  • The DJ will be at your entire disposal from 8.30pm to 1.30am.

Final cleaning fee and internet services.

  • The price includes the Bride and Groom accommodation in the villa for 7 nights.
  • The price doesn’t includes the guests accommodation cost. Because the cost of the accommodation is usually shared by the wedding guests and it always varies in accordance to how many guests wish to stay. You can check the prices at this link


Total Cost for 2019 Weddings is € 11.363

including all fees, VAT and taxes.

Get a custom quote for 2020