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Elopement Packages

Elopement packages in Italy

Our special elopement packages are tailor made for couples who favour a small, intimate Italian wedding.


Whether you’re planning a small but perfectly formed Italian wedding in Tuscany for two or an intimate affair with a small party of 8-12 people, we’re happy to offer a choice of bespoke elopement packages that have been carefully tailored to match your needs.


Over the years, we’ve organising countless small, intimate weddings, so we have an intricate understanding of the specific requirements such events call for.


Our expert team is committed to making the process as straightforward as possible, taking care of all the details and guiding every couple through all their legal requirements. With our assistance, you’ll be able to breeze through all the legal obligations and focus on enjoying an unforgettable little gem of a wedding.


Our elopement packages



Our expert team has devised the following no stress elopement packages. We think they should cover most needs but feel free to get it touch if you have any special requirements – we’re always try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible.


  1. Budget package symbolic ceremony – NO STRESS – €2588
  2. Budget Package with legally binding or catholic ceremony €3703
  3. Luxury package symbolic ceremony – NO STRESS – €3831
  4. Luxury package with legally binding or catholic ceremony €4437
  5. Religious ceremony package – NO STRESS – €4437


Please note:


American citizens can choose:


Package 2 or 4 with a legally binding ceremony. This means that their presence is requested in Italy on 3 separate days to do the Atto Notorio and Nulla Osta. The Atto Notorio can also be done in the USA.
1 – 3 or 5 with no paperwork to worry about.


American and Australian citizens are requested to pay an additional €150 on top of the cost of the Legally Binding Ceremony Packages described above to cover the cost of a further appointment in Italy called Atto Notorio.


Americans can attend the meeting at the US Consulate as per the below options:
Paperwork completed in Florence on two separate days (either Monday and Tuesday, or Tuesday and Wednesday).


Paperwork completed in Florence and Arezzo on the same day (Thursday only). In this second case there will be an additional fee for assistance, write us for more details on additional costs.


Please contact our office to discuss the legal procedure in more detail.