Romantic Italian Weddings - Weddings in Italy: dream villas for an Italy wedding you'll remember forever Villa San Crispolto Villa Baroncino

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Sample Reception - Catering Giuliano

Sample Reception - Catering Giuliano

Menus Raffaello and Lorenzo de Medici at the Villa

The following is a description illustrating how a wedding reception can be organized at Villa San Crispolto. We will provide you with numerous options in order to make your wedding reception an unforgettable event.

Aperitifs will be served around the pool, with a view of the Lake Trasimeno on the east and west sides. Waiters will walk among the guests serving canapés and drinks. The group will then move towards the villa where, on the east terrace with a view of the lake, guests will be seated at tables.

A string quartet, band or, if desired, music selected from CDs will accompany the dinner, with individual servings of appetizers, first course, second course and vegetables. Lastly, the wedding cake (or selection of desserts, as selected by the customer) will be served.

While the bride and groom have their pictures taken, the waiters will lay out the dessert, also serving the wedding cake or selection of desserts.

After dessert, will be served coffee, liqueurs and grappa.

The entire reception will be characterized by this evocative Italian setting, with particular reference to Umbria and Tuscany. This theme naturally starts with the menu, which features typical local recipes and ingredients, and continues with the decorations, the uniforms of the wait staff and the table settings.