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Wedding Planning Services

Everything you need to get married in Italy

Romantic Italian Weddings is different from the regular Italian Wedding Planners you have met or you will meet, as there won't be just one person working for you, we will assist you with a staff of persons coordinated by us and made of many specialists (the group is composed by):

  • a legal documentation specialist
  • a caterer
  • a confectioner
  • a wine specialist
  • a bar tender
  • a photographer
  • a videographer
  • a florist
  • a wedding decorator
  • a hairstylist
  • a makeup artist
  • a musical conductor
  • a DJ
  • a transportation expert

In this way, every single question that you will make will be answered with the maximum of professionalism as the answer will be given by a person who is specialized in the field and that made of this his life experience. When you'll come to Italy you will be able to meet personally not only your own wedding coordinator but in case you want each single expert above from our Wedding Planners Italy staff.


Dear Bride and Groom 2 Be,

At first glance, the laws and paperwork required to get married in Italy might seem confusing and difficult to understand for you. E-mail us with your needs: we'll be glad to assist you with all your requests in every way possible and we will certainly give you accurate information and very simple explanations on the documents that you need to present. We provide complete services for assistance with paperwork and bureaucratic requirements to get married in Italy; write us each time something is not clear for you and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with a clear and simple clarification.

Your wedding in Italy will be valid in your own country as well. In accordance to the Italian law, all foreign citizens wishing to get married in Italy need to make a declaration of marriage before the wedding and we will accompany you personally to the offices involved!

For legally recognized weddings, you will need to present different documents to the local authorities but with our help this will be really easy for you as we shall accompany you personally to the offices involved and we will provide you with our full assistance both for interpreting services and for dealing with the case . The paperwork will vary depending on the nationality of the bride and groom and the type of ceremony requested. We have a specialist for the legal part that will assist you personally no matter the citizenship you have; in fact you will be in direct contact with our specialist and you will be guided step by step into this difficult process without having to worry personally about anything as all you have to do is to follow the advices you receive step by step. Our specialist is constantly checking that the information you are receiving is updated and are the latest rules established by the Consulate or Embassy, all the information you will receive are first hand information and there is no room for any type of errors!

Signing of register Cortona Cathedral
Signing of the register Cortona Town hall
Signing of the register, Cortona Cathedral, Italy
Signing of the register, Cortona Town Hall, Italy

According to the Italian Law, the legal requirements for foreign couples who wish to get married in Italy with a legally binding ceremony, vary according to their own country of origin. Romantic Italian Weddings will help you with all the legal aspects of your wedding in Italy, and you can be sure that with our assistance this entire process will be a piece of cake.

The legal aspect is very delicate and can create huge damages if it is not treated properly, this will not be the case if you choose our own company: you will be guided step by step through the entire process!

Moment of the town hall ceremony Cortona Italy
Moment of the town hall ceremony Cortona
The Municipality of Cortona offers to the newlyweds the traditional gifts at the end of the ceremony.

See Legal Aspects for more information for US, Canadian, British, Australian, Irish and Brazilian citizens planning a wedding in Italy. No matter the citizenship you have we can provide you with full assistance and with very accurate information on the exact documents that you need to present for your combination of citizenship.

Flower arrangements & Bridal Bouquets

We have carefully analyzed the florist shops in the entire area and we have reduced our suppliers list to few different first class florists. Each of these florists proposed by us is a professional in its field and has a lot of experience in flower arrangements allowing you to have really beautiful arrangements at convenient prices. You will be free to contact all our florists and check out with all of them the best arrangements, listen to their suggestions and advices on how to save lots of money on seasonal flowers and also trust them to create for you the perfect image that you have had in mind for years about the ideal bridal bouquet and flower theme. Being in direct contact with them as they are experts in their field, they will always be ready to give you the best advice both to create an elegant and unique image and also to help you save money by using distinctive and seasonal flowers; you will have the possibility to personally exchange many emails with the florists directly and you will be sure in this way that what you are asking will be fulfilled because you are talking to the expert directly and there are no third parts that can create misunderstandings or confusions in the emails you will be exchanging.

Bridal Bouquet in yellow color villa San Crispolto
Vintage Bridal Bouqeut Cortona

If by any chance you will visit the area prior to the wedding you can ask them to fix a meeting with you and you can go to their shop directly, see their own previous works, the quality of the flowers they work with and this direct approach will help you to feel really safe in your own selections. Otherwise you can also decide to simply drop by their shop a couple of days before the wedding and you can finalize with them the last details of the arrangements you've agreed together. They can capture the idea that you have in mind perfectly; you can send them pictures of the perfect arrangements and then they will follow the model to its finer details or you can trust their artistic skills and let them create for you the flowers you've dreamed about all your life. All our florists are both talented and also extremely helpful, flexible and friendly and even if you will require bridal bouquets that might seem unusual or peculiar they will capture your ideas perfectly and to quote what an ex bride said : "the flowers will turn out to be even better than what you have envisioned". Our own florists will go above and beyond to make sure that you will have THE perfect arrangements that you are asking!

Once you will have talked to all our florists and we strongly advise you to contact all of them you can then decide who you prefer and reach to a conclusion afterwards basing yourself on the approach you have had and also on the price that you have received. Creating flower decorations and decors that personalize your wedding will give a singular touch to your big day. With the help of our florists your wedding will have the unique look that express perfectly your own personality and you can be sure that your own guests will remember your own wedding and will talk about the special arrangements you have created for a long time to come.

Flower arrangements at the reception organized at villa San Crispolto
Flower arrangements at the reception organized at villa San Crispolto, Italy

The following is a personal message of one of our professional florists to give you an idea of how she works:

" Hi,

I am 38 years old and I literally grew up among the flowers of our family shop which I proudly manage today. The shop is placed close by the villas, in a lovely small town surrounded by green forests, facing the lake, at the border between Umbria and Tuscany.

Everybody says that I am an artistic and creative person, I like to share the wishes and the expectations with my clients and above the profession itself, I like to establish a nice exchange relationship. I have attended many professional courses regularly certified, which allowed me to improve my skills during the years; above the normal bias, technique and hand working, I like to be updated with the new trends and requirements of the market.

I specialize in flower arrangements for weddings and my goal is to render each couple's dreams come true, dreams that each spouses since always fancied for the most important day of their own life.

I personally take care of every single detail, from the beginning to the end, offering assistance, clearness and courtesy in choosing the flower, the bouquet which frequently mean the real essence of the bride, the arrangements in the church, the decorations of the table, keeping under control everything and as in a puzzle putting together all pieces till managing to create a perfect picture made of flowers, music, lights and perfumes for an unforgettable day.

I have at my disposal a large wholesale of flowers which luckily is placed in the area and so in case you wish to visit me I am able to make you feel with your own hands the quality of my own flowers and for the same reason I am sure that I'll be able to propose you really competitive prices.

I am sure I will be able to find the perfect way to make your special day even more special."

Orange theme bridal bouquet Villa San Crispolto
Orange theme bridal bouquet, Villa San Crispolto, Italy

From the bouquet to the boutonniere and arrangements for the church and the reception, with the advice of experts in the field we can help you choose the perfect flowers for your wedding in Italy, according to the season. Some brides want a small bouquet, while others dream of a church filled with custom-designed arrangements in a fantasy of flowers to suit the color scheme for their wedding. The choice is yours: you can trust us to create something completely unique or we can follow your requests down to the finest detail.

Wedding Photographer

We work with professionals from all over Italy, offering packages for all budgets, from the deluxe package that includes a hand-stitched leather album to lower-priced service that is just as professional. Our packages include both B/W and color photos. The pictures come in a large format type and in various sizes. If you're on a tighter budget, we can also arranged for amateur photographers for considerable savings.

Professional photographer services include: 60 large photos, taken in various key places near the lake, including panoramic shots and historical sights.

One of the wedding photographers we work with is Domenico. Originally from Tuscany, Domenico has worked at numerous weddings throughout Italy, including his own Tuscany as well as Umbria, Venice and the Amalfi Coast. He speaks English well and has worked with many non-Italian couples. You'll find examples of Domenico's photos throughout this site.

The following is a personal message from Domenico to give you an idea of how he works:

"Choosing your photographer will be one of the most important steps in planning your wedding. Your photographer will color your day with both the fun and laughter you share, as well as in a set of timeless images that will soon become a treasured family heirloom. You want someone who can catch every smile and tear on film, while being friendly and outgoing enough to blend in with your family and friends.

You also want someone with a pleasant, easy-going personality that will complement - not dominate - the occasion. You want a wedding photographer with enough artistic vision to create something truly unique on your wedding day.

I aim for simple, unaffected - 'natural' - posing, sufficient to get each participant looking beautiful and at ease. Most of the environmental portraits you will see in my work are the result of a little general direction from me about where to go and then I leave the rest up to the bride and groom. You can talk, play, hug, kiss, dance.... whatever feels right.

I absolutely love wedding photography. I think the main reason is that I don't look at it as "just another photo job" - I see it as an honor to be entrusted with the task of recording this important moment in your life.

I would be delighted to share your wedding day with you, and I will do my best to capture a set of images that will bring tears of joy and delight every time you look through them."


Dear Bride and Groom 2 Be,

Beauty Services are extremely important for every bride to be because on your BIG DAY you have to look like a star! As every bride knows, the secret to looking fantastic on your wedding day is in the detail and in fact each single detail has to be carefully taken into consideration. We have carefully analyzed the hairstylists shops and makeup artists in the entire area and we have reduced our suppliers list to few different first class hairstylists. Each of them is a professional in its field and has great experience allowing you to feel safe and sure that you will have the hairstyle and the makeup that you have always dreamed about.

Hairstyle of the bride in the wedding suite of Villa Baroncino
Hairstyle of the brides in the wedding suite of Villa Baroncino, Italy

Looking perfect is really important and on your BIG DAY is a must and you can be sure that no matter who you will choose among our suppliers you will look like a princess afterwards and you will have really beautiful photos that you can share forever. Romantic Italian Weddings only works with professional hairstylists and makeup artists in order to guarantee the perfect look for the future bride. In accordance to your own request we can schedule both makeup and hairstylists trial sessions so that these services will be refined and adjusted to your own specific requests. You can also have more than 1 trail until you will be completely satisfied with the look you have. We only provide high class beauty services to satisfy even the most demanding brides. Naturally, for the period of the wedding organization you can contact all our hairstylists, show them several pictures with the hairstyles you prefer, with the makeup as well as a picture of you where they can see very clearly the features of your face and also the length and type of hair. In accordance with the pictures you have sent them and with your own look they will give you their best advices to what is the most suitable look for you; as experts, they will know immediately what suits you best and also what looks best with the wedding dress you have chosen and also with your wedding theme. Once you will have talked to all of them you can decide to select the one that you prefer in accordance to the price you wish to spend and also basing yourself on the communications you have had together. You will have the possibility to write them as much as you want until you won't finalize your preferences, they are all very friendly and happy to answer your questions.

Make up of the bride Villa Baroncino
Makeup of the bride at villa Baroncino, Italy

We can arrange for a hairdresser and makeup artist to come directly to the Villa for you so that you don't have to stress too much on your BIG DAY: in accordance to the number of people you will have for the service you can agree with the hairstylist the number of staff that you need for the day and also the exact timings for the services. Our ex brides have all been so delighted with the services they have received and they continuously said that they felt so spoiled and relaxed on their wedding day because after all the emails they have exchanged they were sure that they would look absolutely perfect and in fact quoting they felt and looked like royalties!

We work with several professionals, the following is a personal message of one of our professional hairstylist and makeup artist to give you an idea of how he works:

"Hello all!

Bridal hair is one of my specialties as you will see from my website. This is not an accident as all my family are expert hair-up stylists and, after all... I was born in my mum's salon!

My training began with them in Barcelona in 1991. In 2000 I moved to Dublin and spent a year working with top hairdresser David Marshall, a good friend of mine. After that, I went to London and worked in Tony &Guy as a Style Director and as International Teacher in the Central London Academy for 5 years. During that period I did a lot of bridal work both editorial and practical.

Since 2006, Umbria has became my living place, but still continuing to work in UK as a hairdressing teacher at Shepperton studios and with my regular clients in London, who I see every month and a half.

Most of my time though is dedicated to bridal work, studding new creations as well as serving brides and helping them to express their essential beauty. In my work I like searching for perfection and being relaxed (which helps the bride lots!). And I feel lucky and honored to do this in such an important day, in a frame of happiness joy and excitement.

Also remember we can arrange the trial in London if it suits you best, as I am there once every seven weeks (I would appreciate your letting me know in advance to best arrange my schedule).

And for any further details… see you soon at Marco's villas!"

Bride Makeup villa San Crispolto

Wedding Favors

Dear Bride and Groom 2 Be,

As you already know by now, wedding favors are very personal and reflect perfectly the taste and personality of the wedding couple. In fact we will help you with useful advices to find the perfect wedding favor for your guests, something memorable that they can share for a long time and that will remind them of the fun they had at your own wedding. It does not have to be too expensive in order to be unique and really special, we will certainly give you great tips on the best wedding favors that can reflect the Tuscan customs and traditions. We will also help you to personalize the wedding favor you have chosen as we have always helped out all our brides so far. We will listen to your suggestion, ideas and we will learn what are your tastes and afterwards we will work together in order to find the perfect wedding gift for your guests. The favor can go from a genuine bottle of Olive Oil produced by us with your personalized label on it to a tulle-wrapped confetti creation, a lavish silver gift box, typical chocolates from our own area or different other items in accordance to your own tastes, personalized M&Ms with your names etc.

Olive oil bottles Villa Baroncino
Villa Baroncino, Italy Olive Oil – an original idea for a wedding favor

Chocolate wedding favours villa Baroncino
Special Wedding Favors, villa San Crispolto, Italy

Every couple wants their wedding to leave a lasting impression on their guests, and never has this goal been easier to attain than with wedding favors which we will personalize together in order to create a truly unique idea: the chance to give your guests a memento of your wedding in Italy. The possibilities are endless, and they can be matched to your color scheme, taste and budget.

Musical entertainment/ piano bar/ string quartet

Dear Bride and Groom 2 Be,

I'm sure that you agree that music is a very important aspect of the wedding day as it can create a unique atmosphere in the church or town hall you have chosen to get married and we can help you plan a musical program that will be performed live by professional musicians. We can propose you for the ceremony a string trio, quartet or quintet as well as an opera singer to accompany them. You can choose from their repertoire the best music for your wedding. We can also advise you about the pieces that are permitted for Catholic or Protestant rites, as well as the choice of music in general and the melodies that best suit the style of your wedding and its location. The repertoire of our musicians is already very vast but in case you have a special piece that you have to have on your wedding day our own musicians can perform it for you also, all they need is the music sheet for that piece.

String quartet performance in the garden of villa Baroncino
String quartet performance in the garden of villa Baroncino, Italy while aperitifs are being served

Their performance not only includes the ceremony but once you arrive back at the villa you will have them playing also while the aperitifs are being served around the pool. Well, imagine only how luxury and special would be your wedding with their live performance while there will be the entrance of the bride and also in the clue moments of the ceremony such as the signing of the register or the exit of the wedding couple, the offertory and communion in case of a catholic wedding. Then, it would be really lovely to have them playing also for the duration of the aperitifs, you will feel like real movie stars just relaxing and chatting with friends and have a live band performing for you.

Emma & Darren
String Trio and opera singer, Cortona Cathedral, Italy
String Trio performing at villa Baroncino, Italy

The musical association we work with is "Musicians Bay".

The following is a personal message from our conductor to give you an idea of how they works:

First of all, congratulations on your wedding! I am the founder and director/conductor of the "Musicians Bay" musical association.

My group is composed of professional musicians who graduated from the Morlacchi Conservatory of Music in Perugia, and all of them boast excellent curricula. The goal of my association is to bring classical music to every important moment of our lives. Consequently, our main activity involves giving concerts throughout Italy and around the world.

We also organize important evenings and events such as wedding banquets, buffets and conventions with classical music performed live by professional musicians. And this is why I'm writing to you: Dear bride and groom, by choosing Musicians Bay for your banquet, you can enjoy background music with classical pieces performed live by a string trio, string quartet or even a ten-piece chamber orchestra. We have an extensive repertoire ranging from the seventeenth century to the contemporary age: Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, Paganini, Monti, Brahms, Beethoven, Sarasate, Strauss and many other important composers. Our music can accompany you during the ceremony (civil or religious) as well as the reception, creating an exquisite setting for the most important day of your lives.

CLASSICAL MUSIC PROGRAM String trio quartet or quintet

  • Trio: 2 violins, 1 cello
  • Quartet: 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello
  • Quintet: 2 violins, 1 viola, 2 cellos
  • J. Pachelbel: Canon
  • F. Schubert: Ave Maria
  • R. Schumann: Traumerei
  • T. Albinoni: Adagio in G Minor
  • R. Wagner: Wedding March
  • W.A. MOZART: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik; Divertimenti n° 1, 2, 3, 17…; the most famous symphonies for strings; string quartets and trios; etc.
  • A. VIVALDI: The Four Seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter), Concerti for violin and strings, Concerti for string orchestras; etc.
  • L. BOCCHERINI: "La Ritirata di Madrid" (for strings), the most famous minuets for strings.
  • L. BEETHOVEN: the famous Romance in F major, string quartets, etc.
  • N. PAGANINI: string quartets and trios, etc.
  • V. MONTI: Ciarda
  • J. BRAHMS: Hungarian Dances
  • P. SARASATE: Romanza Andaluza, Playera, Habanyera, etc.
  • J.S. BACH: Concerti for violin and strings, Air on the G string
  • J. STRAUSS: Viennese Waltzes (The Beautiful Blue Danube, Viener Blut, Artist's Life, etc.)
  • RONDO VENEZIANO: the most famous works from the Rondo Veneziano repertoire (Oboe D'Amore, Canal Grande, Rondò Veneziano, Arabesco, Laguna Incantata, Aria di Festa, Adante Veneziano, etc.)

The number of musicians can be increased from a trio to a twelve-element chamber orchestra.

For the Rondo Veneziano works, an electronic keyboard, oboe and electronic percussion can also be added.


  • F. MENDELSSOHN: Wedding March
  • R. WAGNER: Wedding March
  • C. GOUNOD: Ave Maria
  • SCHUBERT: Ave Maria
  • SCHUMANN: Traumerei
  • E. Elgar: March in G
  • Anonymous: Brother Sun – Sister Moon
  • T. ALBINONI: famous Adagio in G minor
  • C. Franck: panis Angelicus
  • F. Handel: Halleluja
  • F. Handel: Rejoissance
  • F. Handel: The arrival of the queen of Scheba
  • VIVALDI: Largo from "Winter"
  • VIVALDI: Spring
  • G. Verdi: La Vergine degli Angeli
  • G. Verdi: Va pensiero
  • W. A. MOZART: Allelujah
  • W. A. MOZART: Ave Verum
  • H. Arlen: Over the rainbow
  • J. S. BACH: Air on the G string
  • J. S. BACH: Concert for two violins in D minor
  • Beatles: Hey Jude
  • Beatles: Yesterday
  • L. Beethoven: Romance in F major
  • L. Beethoven: String quartets Op. 18
  • J. Brahms: Hungarian Dances
  • L. Boccherini: Minuet in A
  • …. and much more

For civil weddings, in addition to the works listed above, during the ceremony we can also play other works that are generally performed during the reception (dinner or supper), given that we do not have to deal with the clerical restrictions that apply to religious ceremonies. Our program is much more extensive than this list, which cites the best-known works. We can handle any customer request (to be agreed in advance) based on the number of musicians you have requested."

String Trio performing at villa San Crispolto, Italy


Unlike other villa, we'd like to highlight the fact that at our property you will be able to have a real party with dancing till late at night (1.30am). Only we have a special permit from local authorities to do this that is absolutely impossible in other location that don't have this.

Naturally, we can arrange for you to have a DJ once the reception has finished and the party starts. The DJ always arrives earlier at the villa, will install all the stereo equipment and will allow you to have also the background music as well for the duration of the reception meal together with a microphone for the speeches moment. You can simply connect your IPod to his equipment and then listen to the play list you have chosen. Then, you can create your own play list for the party and simply send it to the DJ a couple of days before the wedding, he will make sure that you will have all the sings you've chosen. If instead you only prefer to give him an idea of your musical tastes and bands he can create the play list for you. Be sure that the DJ will involve all your guests into the dancing and will empathize the most important moment for you such as the cutting of the wedding cake, the first dance etc. He has different packages and so you can choose the most appropriate one for you!

DJ performing in the marquee of Villa Baroncino
DJ performing in the marquee of villa Baroncino and Villa San Crispolto, Italy

"The following is a personal message from our DJ to give you an idea of how he work. I have an enormous repertoire with 13,000 songs. However, if you would like to give me a play list on a CD or iPOD I will be happy to use it. Each party has a different type of program, according to the guests who are attending. Typically, however, the evening would be organized as follows.

1. The reception is accompanied by music that is usually chosen by bride and groom or from a pre-arranged play list.

2. The party begins with "the first song", with songs that appeal to all generations: songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Based on my extensive experience, I try to appeal to all guests, so during the reception there will be mix of different styles: rock, R&B, hip-hop, swing, etc. This is because I have a huge repertoire with more than 13,000 songs and can handle any request.

3. The reception will end with a slow song, a love song or a song to dance together.

If this "typical night" set-up does not appeal to you, you can personally decide on the play list. I would be delighted to meet with you to work on this.

DJ Alex

The DJ usually starts the evening at 8:30 p.m. and ends at 1:30 a.m. The price includes rental of his professional stereo and light equipment: 2 cdj player numark axis 9, 1 sony wireless headphones, 2 record player numark tt200 with quartz technology, 1 akg professional wireless microphone, 1 mixer, light system made of 1 Chauvet ch158, 1 Technylight dichro 8, 8 par floolights with multiple effects, 1 Strobe lamp of 1500w and a Smoke machine. The DJ will come to install his professional stereo system well in advance. This means that you will have his equipment available for the duration of the reception and can organize your background music for the dinner. You can use your CDs, IPods or computers and the DJ will give you the cables you need to connect them. " When it comes to the music for your party, the choice is endless: we can cater this aspect to meet your specific tastes and budget. Just write us with your own request and then we will work together to help you choose the best musical entertainment for the day. But let me tell you more about the other music options for the day such a jazz band in case you love the jazz music: it is the perfect way to entertain your guests during dinner, before everyone starts dancing, or whenever you prefer. You and all your guests would feel so good by having our live bands performing for you.

Jazz band performance at villa San Crispolto
Jazz band performance at villa San Crispolto, Italy

In case you instead are looking for something different we can arrange for you a Traditional Italian Quartet: the members of the group wear traditional Florentine customs from the early 20th century. This outstanding group does more than just sing: its members are also actors who will get your guests involved in their performance. They will play for you in Cortona as you exit the ceremony, surprising your guests and creating a joyous atmosphere as they dance among your guests – and with them – accompanying them through the city streets. They will then go to the villa, where they will continue to sing, dance and entertain your guests.

Traditional Italian Quartet performing Villa San Crispolto
Traditional Italian Quartet performing & entertaining the wedding couples, villa Baroncino & Villa San Crispolto, Italy

Video of the Wedding

We can offer any video format (e.g. NTCS/PAL on DVD, BluRay and Online). Our professional video staff offers a uniquely cinematic experience at the highest level of quality.

Our main cinematographer is Blayre Ellestad.

Blayre is a professional cinematographer and editor who specializes in wedding and lifestyle cinematography.

Elle & Be Wedding and Lifestyle Cinematography was founded by Blayre Ellestad and partner Laura Collins in 2009. Building on an internationally acclaimed commercial career in video production, Blayre has developed his talents remarkably with a keen focus on the beauty of storytelling with a unique ability to utilize the appropriate cinematic techniques. With commercial clients such as Gene Simmons, Brunello Cucinelli and COACH, his vast experience brings a knowledge and level of skill rarely made available to the world of wedding cinema.

Laura Collins comes from a directorial fashion background, having studied in Montreal and worked in the industry at top magazines such as FASHION and Wedding Bells in Toronto. Her incredible eye for detail and design, alongside a commanding comprehension of direction, lends itself perfectly into achieving the best results in every situation.

Since Elle & Be's introduction to the wedding scene, they have seen their work take them around the globe. Visiting countries such as Spain, Japan, China, England, USA and several more, their reach has become global. Their ability to highlight the subtle differences which make every wedding special, have earned them the respect and trust of many couples. Always performing at their best and delivering a product consistently exceeding the already high expectations.

Wedding Day Process:

The video production follows the couple and wedding party from 9am - 11pm. The style through which the video is captured is relatable to a cinematic documentary, keeping direction and interference to a minimum. There are plenty of events and real moments happening without having to disrupt the natural unfolding of the wedding day. During the morning preparations, there is a vast occurrence of mini-stories which will only take place at your wedding. This is a very special time which Elle & Be love to focus on. The interactions between family members, subtle exchanges through gifts and wonderful progression of the whole party as they ready themselves for the days events are timeless.

During the ceremony, cameras are comfortably operated in an unobtrusive maner, allowing the proceedings to flow naturally without smothering. The groom and official are outfitted with wireless microphones to capture a crisp quality audio recording. Multiple angles are utilized to capitalize on the great potential for cinematic moments.

After the ceremony, it's common to embark on a photoshoot with the photographer. This is a great opportunity to capture the couple as they stroll through beautiful locations throughout the romantic historical cities, and also relax with an espresso or a very tasty gelato! This shoot offers a great look at the couple enjoying themselves in their initial moments of officially being married. It's a once in a lifetime feeling which translates wonderfully into a timeless cinematic presentation.

Upon returning to the villas, coverage continues as we move through the cocktails and onto the reception. All speeches are professionally captured with BluRay quality sound. During mealtime, the cameras will be put on hold to allow you to chew your food! All subsequent events, from the cake cutting, first dance to the dance party will be captured in an appropriately artistic fashion.

Post Production:

Your first glimpse back at your incredible experience will appear within two weeks of the wedding, in the form of a 3-4 minute highlight film. This is perfect for sharing with friends and family, sending through Facebook and email. You will receive a 20-25 minute feature wedding film, speeches, readings and highlights, all in separate chapters on customized DVD and BluRay discs.

Musical selections are welcomed and encouraged to provide guidance in finding the perfect songs to serve as a backdrop for your video. Not to be confused with a soundtrack, the music in the video serves the purpose of complimenting what is happening on screen. Therefore we choose the music based on careful review of the captured footage, analyzing the tone and feel from the wedding. Music for your highlights is licensed for use online.

Elle & Be Wedding and Lifestyle Cinematography is a wonderful experience. From the very first meeting, you will realize you're in the hands of talented, passionate and creative company. We look forward to meeting and collaborating with you!

Best Regards

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Dear Bride and Groom 2 Be,

Transportation is really important as you will be travelling in a foreign company (maybe some of your guests will be travelling for their first time) and choosing a reliable company can really make the difference. We have great connections with car-rental companies, bus companies, specially luxury car rentals, antique luxury car rentals for our guests. All you have to do is to write us and inquire about your specific request: we can help you to rent a car for your week with us, a bus to bring all your guests from the airport to the villa or to transport them on your wedding day, a luxury or antique car for the bridal couple for their wedding day etc. After we have made a careful evaluation of the market, we have decided to work with 3 companies and we have chosen the best ones, the ones that offer qualitative services at great rates. None of our suppliers have been chosen by case but they have been selected after a careful evaluation of all the other suppliers in the area and so you can be sure that noo matter who you choose among our own suppliers you will make a great choice. You will be able to contact directly all of them and inquire on their prices and best offers for your wedding and then decide to select the one that you prefer. Talking to more than 1 suppliers will allow you to have different prices and different offers and you can feel safe and secure that in the end you have made a really great deal.

Wedding car in Cortona
Alvis TA 14 wedding Car in the main square of Cortona, Italy

In case you simply wish to have our advices for your own guests who travel by their own using the train for example we will certainly help you out: just ask your friends to write us and we will let them know the best timings, the train that they have to use for their itinerary, the cost of the ticket and whatever is necessary to make their trip easier. On request, we can also organize mini cruises and parties on the lake, night taxi services (this service is extremely useful as it has great prices and we usually use it for the wedding day to transport all the guests not staying at the villa to their different accommodations in the area; in this way they can enjoy themselves and drink as much as they prefer without having to worry afterwards about driving back), wine tours and city tours.

Wedding car entrance at villa Baroncino
Newlyweds couple entering villa Baroncino, Italy through the cypress path

As mentioned above, we work with several companies, the following is a personal message of the owner of one of them to give you an idea of how they work:

"Dear bride and groom,

We will be happy to take care of transport and moving during the time that you will be spending at the Villa. We want to satisfy all kind of demands that the guests may have. We can offer different arrangements for you, to reach your destination the way you prefer. Transferring by bus : We will be waiting for you inside the Airport with your name sign. Outside the Airport there is a bus for you that brings you and your guest directly at your Villa or accommodation. You can choose among:

REGULAR BUS: Bus with driver. For long transfers, the bus can stop at the service area for every needs you may have.

VIP BUS: Bus with driver. Hostess English speaking on the board. Bar service on the board. For long transfers, bus can stop at the service area for every needs you may have. Wedding day transfer (shuttle service): Shuttle service for the wedding day to go and come back to Cortona from your Villa with some different buses (accoring to the number of the passengers). Day trip (tour from your Villa) by bus. We can offer to all guest tours in various cities of Italy during your stay at the Villas, like Florence, Rome, Venice, Cinque Terre area, etc. with different bus capacity. When you are at your Villa, you can hire cars from us, for your movings around the area and visit the nearest cities. We can arrange deliver and withdrawal at your Villa.

We have a large range of cars among which you can find:

  • Small cars
  • Mid size cars
  • Station Wagon cars
  • Mini vans (7 or 9 seats)

We have automatic and manual transmission cars.

Kindest Regards"

Accommodation for Guests

Dear Bride and Groom 2 Be,

Trying to find the best accommodation for your guests might seem very complicated especially if you do this from abroad and you don't know the area, you cannot be sure if the location you will choose will look exactly as in the pictures presented on their website, you have picky guests who only want the best accommodation and other guests that on the opposite wish to save as much as possible on the accommodation. And you have to please all of them! Well, I can imagine it is a difficult task but with our help this will be a piece of cake.

Magnificent garden villa Baroncino
Villa Baroncino, magnificent outside garden

First, I'd like to underline that you will have exclusive use of villa Baroncino and villa San Crispolto and this means that you will personally decide who you wish to accommodate inside the villa and who instead you prefer to place in a different accommodation. You will be in full control of the accommodation of your guests and naturally you will have all our help and assistance. We have gathered a selection of houses or villas, hotels or agriturismos or Bed and Breakfast in the immediate vicinity of our villas for family and relatives that won't be staying at the villa. We can also propose discounts for your own guests on several accommodations as we have signed special agreements with the owners. We can put you in contact or locate on your behalf the appropriate rental property for your entire wedding party. We will assist you in this apparently complicated matter which with our help will become really easy. See our villas websites for some of our vacation rentals in Italy.

Villa San Crispolto at night
Villa San Crispolto, Italy by night

Additional Services:

Bar Services

Dear Bride and Groom 2 Be,

Bar is a must of the wedding day and it has to be cured in all its details: it is important for the types of drinks you have, for the expert bartenders that serve you and know how to prepare great cocktails and most significantly it is important because if organized very well can put all your guests into a great mood. Imagine what would be to have a bar where the bartends let you wait a lot of time to have your drink or serve you the wrong beverage etc. …I'm sure that you have experienced at least one pub where the bartender was rude or wedding where you did not like the bar!

Well, bar is one of our best qualities and we can provide you with several options that go from the Open Bar where guests can order their favorite drinks with no limitations and has a set price to organizing a Cash Bar still with professional bartenders that will work as a conventional bar where your guests will be paying for the drinks they order.

Bar Service in the marquee of Villa Baroncino
Bar Service in the marquee of Villa Baroncino, Italy

Another option is to order the drinks that you wish to have directly from our own company at great prices and the best advantage in this case is because we can refund you the money for any unopened bottle you have purchased from us. We are able to do this as our own company also owns a restaurant and a bar and so we can satisfy our own guests really well.

The best alternative and extremely cheap bar option is that you that you can provide your own drinks from the supermarket without any corking fee and this is an extremely advantageous saving because prices in Italy are great for drinks: one beer for example is 60-70 cents, one bottle of good Italian wine is €4-5 etc. Imagine what costs you would have in case you'd need to have the official prices for the bar for your wedding, I mean the prices that a normal pub has like paying €4 for one beer and €12-€16 for a bottle of wine. I'm sure that with these high prices you'd have to limit your own guests and this is certainly something that you prefer not to do on your wedding day! Well, simply try to make some workings out and check out what great savings our company can offer! You can have this option of buying your own drinks both for the party and also for the reception meal and in that case the caterer will be happy to serve the drinks you have bought personally from a supermarket at no additional price.

Deconsecrated chapel

Dear Bride and Groom 2 Be,

In case you decide to have an intimate ceremony on the grounds of the villa the finest solution would be to have it in the chapel of villa San Crispolto. On the grounds of this villa, we have a deconsecrated thirteenth-century chapel with frescoes. This stunning chapel can hold about 30 people, and it can be used for non-Catholic wedding ceremonies. You can decide to have a Protestant blessing for example like in the photo hereunder and we are positive that you and all your guests will be extremely pleased with the unique background of our private chapel:

Bar Service in the marquee of Villa Baroncino
Protestant Blessing in the Chapel of villa San Crispolto, Italy

Elegant gazebo (marquee) set in the grounds of the villa.

This structure, measuring 10 x 20 meters (32.8 x 65.6') for a total area of 200 square meters (over 2150 sq. ft), at Villa Baroncino, can accomodate groups of 180-200 people.

And 5 x 18 meters (16.4 x 59') for a total area of 90 square meters (nearly 970 sq. ft) at Villa San Crispolto can accomodate groups of 60-75 people.

These extremely elegant structures have ceiling inside lined with exquisite cream-colored plissé fabric.

They are equipped with beautiful white wrought-iron chandeliers that are fitted with speakers for background music during the dinner and at the party afterwards.

Marquee and table decorations
Marquee Set up for the reception meal at villa Baroncino, Italy

The floor is made of antique terracotta and the structure has sliding glass walls. It can be opened completely during the summer, but closed quickly in case of bad weather and during the winter. Since it can be heated, it can be used year-round to add a touch of elegance to your reception. The interior affords a stunning view of the olive grove below, the ancient tower across from the entrance to the villa, our marvelous garden and Lake Trasimeno in the background.

Very few villas have a permanent structure like this on their grounds. We offer it at an extremely convenient price to the couples who rent our villa: less than 1/3 of the market price for renting this type of structure just for the wedding day.

Table decorations at villa San Crispolto
Marquee Set up for the reception meal at villa San Crispolto, Italy