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Catering Renata

Catering Renata

No true Italian wedding would be complete without traditional Italian cooking at its heart.

In Italy our food is very much a family affair, so where better to enjoy some incredible Italian cooking than at a festival of family and love such as a wedding?


With over 15 years’ experience in arranging weddings in Italy, we know that the best food needs the best ingredients, all prepared by a chef with passion. We pride ourselves on arranging the best possible catering for your special day, and with Renata you’ll be sure to love the food.


We love working with Renata because she truly symbolises everything about Tuscan cuisine. Her cooking style is reminiscent of the finest home-cooked Italian food, all made with premium ingredients with no corners cut to deliver robust flavour and an experience to remember.


Renata offers local cheeses and charcuterie, fresh homemade pasta, top-quality local meat, tasty vegetable side dishes, hearty legumes and traditional desserts, all served with excellent local wines. Few things are as iconically Italian as bread with olive oil, and Renata loves to serve the two together.


Of her own cooking, Renata says, “Tuscany boasts an ancient and masterly cuisine prepared with delicious ingredients. It is never overly elaborate; the key aspect of our cuisine is undoubtedly its simplicity. Made with well-balanced quantities, it is never dictated by haste but by the utmost attention in choosing and blending the ingredients.”


Great ingredients, locally sourced, crafted together with attention to detail and refined with passion. Renata in a nutshell.

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