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Irish Nationals

Irish Nationals

Paperwork requirements for Irish citizens planning a wedding in Italy


Any Irish nationals intending to marry in Italy must first apply to the Department of Foreign Affairs and also apply to obtain a Certificate of Freedom to Marry (Nulla Osta).


Further information can be found on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website, where you can also apply for a Certificate of Freedom to Marry online.

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Please take careful note of the legal requirements for Irish citizens  and ensure that your application is made at least 4 months before your intended date of marriage. Assuming your application is submitted within the correct timeframe you should expect to receive your certificate within 8 weeks of the date of marriage.


A Nula Osta, to be filed with the Registry Office in the city the wedding is to take place, will be issued by the Embassy of Ireland in Rome upon receipt of your Certificate of Freedom to Marry.


IMPORTANT: Women whose previous marriage was terminated within the last 300 days must obtain a waiver from a law court in Italy. This is issued on medical evidence that she is not pregnant.


“These instructions have been prepared on the basis of the most updated information notified to our company by the relevant authorities. The aim of these instructions is to provide guidance to our potential clients. However this guidance is without prejudice to any amendments applied from time to time to current procedures by authorities involved in wedding paperwork, which will be confirmed by our staff upon confirmation of wedding bookings.”


“The information provided herein reflects the most updated instructions made available to us. We disclaim all responsibility and liability with regard to any changes and amendments dictated by the relevant authorities involved in the process that might be introduced with immediate effect and with no prior notice.”

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