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Outdoor Ceremonies

Villa Baroncino Garden Ceremonies

Our beautiful Villa Baroncino boast stunning manicured gardens and the surrounding countryside – the perfect setting for your dream outdoor wedding ceremony.


Our Villa Baroncino is the perfect fit for a fabulous al fresco wedding ceremony. The stylish garden at Villa Baroncino is set amid stunning grounds. It’s hard to imagine a more enchanting setting.

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Flexible and unique


Not only do our outdoor ceremonies allow you to celebrate your big day in a beautiful garden setting, they also present an opportunity to really make the ceremony your own.


Our legally binding outdoor ceremonies offer a degree of flexibility that simply isn’t possible at a church or Town Hall, where opportunities to customise your service are limited. With an outdoor ceremony you can truly personalise the occasion by including special readings or music and customising the order of service.


Ceremonies at our Villa Baroncino also benefit from keeping everything on the same site, simplifying transport arrangements and cutting the cost of transferring the wedding party and guests to and from the ceremony location and the reception.


Legally binding civil ceremonies


Before your legally binding outdoor wedding ceremony it will be necessary to make a sworn statement and sign the wedding register in front of two witnesses. We’re happy to organise this and usually book an appointment at Cortona Town Hall one or two days before the ceremony.


Protestant ceremonies at our Villa Baroncino


We’re happy to host outdoor protestant wedding ceremonies at our villa, allowing you to celebrate a legally valid protestant blessing in a beautiful garden setting.


If you’re planning a protestant wedding it’s necessary to be civilly married before the ceremony. We’ll provide you with an Italian representative of the Anglican English order who will advise you on this matter and assist you in choosing the most appropriate ceremony.


Your minister or their assistant will contact you in advance of the ceremony to talk you through your religious requirements and let you know what documentation will be needed. They’ll also help to guide you through the process of personalising your ceremony, giving you a chance to select scripture readings, personal vows and music.


Symbolic weddings at our Villa Baroncino


We’re also happy to host symbolic weddings at either of our villas. Symbolic ceremonies offer a chance to celebrate your wedding unencumbered by the requirements and limitations of a legally binding wedding. This gives you the freedom to plan a truly unique and personal ceremony.


Often, couples will have had a civil ceremony back home prior to celebrating their marriage with a beautiful symbolic ceremony here in Italy, although this is by no means a requirement.


We’ll gladly assist you with every aspect of your symbolic wedding, including the finer details of the ceremony, which might include a welcome speech, readings (famous poems or texts for instance) to be read by guests or the wedding coordinator, the declaration, vows, and the exchanging of rings. We can also assign a celebrant to perform the ceremony and assist you in creating a personalised order of service.


Celebrate with wine from our own Vineyard


Villa Baroncino’s own vineyard produces around 20,000 bottles of wine a year, including red, white and prosecco. Each bottle is marked with the villa’s coat of arms and the estate is rightly proud of its highly-regarded wine.
As another unique and rather special feature of this charming villa, as well as a link to the wonderful world of Italian gastronomy,many guests are keen to make our wine a central part of their wedding celebrations.
Serving wine from the estate that’s hosting your wedding adds a delightfully personal touch and really helps to reinforce your wedding’s connection to the local culture and the beautiful Italian countryside that surrounds you and your guests.

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