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Photography and Videography

Wedding Photographer and Videographer

We’ll make sure the magic, emotion and beauty of your big day is perfectly preserved in all its glory


It takes skill to capture the magic and romance of a wedding, which is why we’re so selective about the photographers and videographers we work with.


With the advance of widely-available high-spec camera technology it’s become ever more feasible for non-professionals to capture high quality images and video footage. But, in truth, technology is only half the story – an expensive camera doesn’t guarantee worthwhile results if it’s in the wrong hands.


We firmly believe that the art of wedding photography requires skill, professionalism and experience. Which is precisely what we demand from the photographers and videographers we work with.

Wedding Video


The art of the wedding video isn’t to be taken lightly. If you want a beautiful, evocative and sensitively edited record of your special day – of course you do! – the talents of a skilled professional really are indispensable.


Wedding videos have moved on since the days of brief, shaky camcorder footage that just about captures the bride walking down the aisle. These days our videographers set out to create a truly evocative record of the whole day, capturing all those fleeting, poignant moments and exchanges that collectively compose a magical day of shared emotions.


Because our videographers are all equipped with a filmmaker’s instincts and extensive training, you can expect a stylish, slickly edited presentation that employs sophisticated composition and rich, visually arresting cinematography.


And, because we know that beautiful, significant moments aren’t restricted to the ceremony, our videographers can follow you through the day and even capture moments from the days leading up to the wedding, creating an expansive and detailed record of the whole experience.

British Citizens getting married abroad

Wedding Photography


Over 15 years and hundreds of weddings, we’ve worked with many photographers from all over Italy. Consequently, by process of elimination, we’ve been able to single out skilled, trustworthy professionals who’ve mastered the art of delivering beautiful, genuinely evocative wedding photographs.


Our favoured photographers have a knack for discretion but somehow manage to be in the right place at the right time to grab those images that you and your loved ones will want to return to again and again.


We can cater our photography to your specific needs and budget, ranging from 3 hour photo packages that focus on key moments to 8 or 10 hour sessions, following the happy couple from morning preparations right through to the last dance.


A video and photography solution for every wedding


We’re confident we can come up with a photography and videography package to suit all requirements, tastes and budgets. If you’re after an especially cost-effective photography package, we can even make arrangements for amateur photographers to cover the wedding or, at the other end of the scale, we offer a deluxe service featuring extra special touches such as a hand stitched leather album

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