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Reception Planning Assistance

Planning your Italian Reception

Whether your wedding is set to be a small and intimate occasion, or a full on large scale reception, our team will tailor your day to be perfect for you.

Planning your Italian Reception can be easy with the help of  our many years of experience in planning weddings in Italy, we know what it takes for a day to go perfectly, and we strive to deliver perfection every time.


Our team of dedicated and passionate staff will work with you closely on everything from table arrangements and centrepieces, to menu selection and a wine list to match.

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Quality and experience


Our extensive experience in arranging weddings has led to us holding excellent relationships with suppliers of the finest ingredients and the region’s best wine merchants, whilst crafting a brilliant team of staff to run your day.


Our chefs, cooks and waiting staff look forward to serving you and your guests exceptional cuisine in both Italian and international gourmet styles. All of our menu choices offer a wide range of variety, and each of our chefs are passionate about the food they serve. With Romantic Italian Weddings at the helm of your special day, you’re guaranteed a perfect blend of quality, professionalism and passion.


Staying in control of your budget


Our wedding catering is suitable for all types of budget, whether you’re planning a huge feast or a small reception.


We also have a Wedding Budget Calculator to help you keep track of your projected spend for the big day, and we’re committed to being up front on costs to help your planning go smoothly.


Below is a list of our caterers with some example menus:

Authentic Italian wedding menus


Our wedding menus can go from 3,4 or 5 courses up to the popular 8 courses of a typical Italian wedding meal , and range from traditional rustic Italian cuisine to a full-on gourmet experience. Whilst 8 courses may sound a lot, this is normal for a conventional Italian wedding! The menus include appetisers, first courses, main courses, side dishes and wedding cake all served separately as the meal progresses.
All our menus can begin with drinks and appetisers by the pool, allowing you and your guests to relax and
whet your appetite ready for the upcoming courses.


Dietary requirements.


All our chefs can cater for specific allergies or dietary requirements. Vegetarians and vegans will always be given an alternative to each non-vegetarian/vegan dish, whilst those with food allergies can always have an allergy-free version of the chosen courses made. Our chefs have experience cooking for common allergies such as wheat/coeliac, dairy, nuts and so on, and can accommodate lesser known allergies with enough notice and preparation.
In the build-up to your wedding, we’ll arrange a meeting with your chosen catering team to run through the final menu preparation, and confirm the exact dietary requirements of your wedding party. We can also provide reduced menus for children.


Menu tastings


For those wishing to have a menu tasting, planning a visit to us in advance of your wedding is the perfect way to sample some menu choices to help make up your mind.
So that you can enjoy the full wedding menu experience, our menu tastings cover all 8 courses and are served in the caterers’ own restaurants.


The cake


All of our menus come with wedding cake included, made the traditional Italian way. Known as ‘mille foglie’, Italian wedding cake is made from layers of light pastry, chocolate cream, vanilla cream and in season fresh fruit.
For those wishing for a more traditional English wedding cake or something similar, we can arrange this with ease (requires an additional fee) . Our expert confectioner will happily create a cake based on photos you wish to send her should you wish to specify the type of cake design you’re after.


Our wine


Italy is famous for its wine, and at Romantic Italian Weddings we’re passionate about providing the very best wine for you and your guests. Both Villa Baroncino and Villa San Crispolto are working wide producers, providing red and white wine, and prosecco.
All of our Wedding Packages include 320 bottles of our own wine and 200 bottles of Moretti Beers.
Serving your guests wine from the very estate they’re on adds a special touch to your reception, and we’re always happy to provide tastings before the wedding should you wish to sample.


Additional wine information

Villa Baroncino/Villa San Crispolto White Wine

Designation: Colli Del Trasimeno white wine d.o.c.
Composition: Trebbiano 60%, Grechetto- Chardonnay – Vermentino 40%
Production Area: The hills overlooking Lake Trasimeno, with a well-drained soil of medium texture which basks in bright sunlight from early morning to late evening.
Colour: Gold and brilliant.
Aroma: Pleasant, fairly intense with distinct floral notes.
Taste: Harmonious, with good liveliness and a medium body, finishing with a slightly fruity note.
Food combinations: It’s a fresh white wine with delicate aromas and flavour suitable for fish courses, excellent with white meat, and vegetables side dishes. It typically pairs with fried fish.
Total Alcohol: 12 g/l

Villa Baroncino / Villa San Crispolto Red Wine

Designation: Colli Del Trasimeno red wine d.o.c.
Composition: Sangiovese 90%, Cannaiolo 10%.
Production Area: Stony hilly soils, steep gradients and bright sunshine from early morning to late evening.
Colour: Deep red with a hint of purple.
Aroma: Wonderful aromas of chocolate and raspberry follow through to a full-bodied palate, with firm tannins and a long, refreshing aftertaste. Intense ruby red with garnet reflections give a full and well expressed bouquet. Fairly dry with elegant tannins.
Taste: Dry, slightly tannic, it leaves the scent of red fruits in your mouth.
Food Combinations: This is a very aromatic red wine with a lingering taste but is easy to drink. It is suitable with cold cuts and cheese, rustic first courses such as vegetable or legume soups, and all types of red meat.
Total Alcohol: 12,5 g/l

Villa Baroncino / Villa San Crispolto Prosecco

Designation: Prosecco d.o.c. sparkling wine
Composition: Trebbiano-Chardonnay
Production Area: Our prosecco grapes are grown in the beautiful hills overlooking Lake Trasimeno. The soil is a well-drained medium texture, which benefits from bright sunshine from early morning to late evening. The weather is mild with cold winters and warm summers.
Grape Harvest: 20th september – 10th october
The grape in Don Carlo’s production is Trebbiano and Chardonnay. Instead of undergoing its secondary fermentation in the bottle like Champagne, Don Carlo is made using the ‘charmat’ method—a production technique in which the secondary fermentation takes place in a large tank.
Using this bulk secondary fermentation method not only keeps production costs down, but importantly it creates a fresher, simpler prosecco. Don Carlo’s versatility allows it to be enjoyed as an aperitif or a mid-meal palate cleanser, with it often used in cocktails such as the Bellini as well.
Total Alcohol: 11g/l
Total Sugar: 9-10 g/l
Ph: 3.20
Color: Straw yellow
Aroma: Pleasant smell of mature fruits.
Taste: Harmonious, fresh and fruity with good liveliness and a medium body, finishing with a slightly fruity note. Well-balanced and mature.
Food Combinations: It’s a fresh sparkling wine suitable for fish courses and light, delicate food.

Bar options


Our bar service is something we’re especially proud of. With swift and efficient service coupled with friendly staff, we’ll be sure to give you and your guests a warm and professional welcome.
No two weddings are the same, so we offer a variety of bar options to suit your needs;.

Open Bar


Guests can order their favourite drinks with no limitations, with a set price to be arranged before the day.


Cash Bar


Professional bartenders will serve your guests as if at a conventional bar, where guests simply pay for the drinks they order.


Open Bar with Pre-Ordering Drinks


You can pre-order your drinks package from us, which helps to save you money through our excellent supplier contacts. Any unopened drinks can be refunded as we’ll simply use them in our own restaurant and bar.


Open Bar – Bring Your Own


The cheapest way to arrange your drinks is to buy them at the local supermarket as we don’t charge corking fees. Prices in Italy are very reasonable for drinks, with a beer costing around 60-70 cents and a mid-range bottle of wine around €4-5. You can select this option for both your party and your reception dinner, and our caterers will happily serve your drinks at no extra cost.


The Receptions at our villas can be:
• Outdoor in the Lake -View garden at Villa San Crispolto (can also be used as ceremony venue)

The garden in the afternoon hours remains in the shadow of the centenial walls of the Villa San Crispolto Chappel and provides an extraordinary setting for a wedding feast al fresco.

Under the roof of an authentic Tuscan Barn at Villa Baroncino (can also be used as ceremony venue)

Don Carlo Barn is a typical Tuscan barn, used anciently to store the means of working the land such as trucks etc. as well as a place to store the harvest. The building is completely open on 3 parts and offers a perfect solution to have either the ceremony either the reception meal protected by the strong sun or other weather phenomena but still maintaing an outdoor event.
With all the suggestions that a typical and authentic structure such as a Tuscan barn can offer you for your marvellous wedding here.

But if the weather does not give you 100% guarantee that you can carry out the entire event without protection, only our villas can offer you a splendid fully openable:
• Marquee with glass windows.

Our marquee is a tasteful and elegant option for your wedding.
The ceiling inside is lined with exquisite cream-colored plissé fabric, and is equipped with beautiful white wrought-iron chandeliers that are fitted with speakers for background music during the dinner and at the party afterwards.
The floor is made of antique terracotta, with sliding glass walls inside. During the warm summer months it can be opened completely but also closed quickly should the weather turn. It’s also heated, making it a lovely option for any wedding throughout the year.
In case you think marquees are a summer-only option, ours is equipped with heating, making it an effective year-round reception venue.

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