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Religious Ceremonies

Religious Ceremonies

A variety of local churches and Cortona’s stunning cathedral can play host to a range of religious ceremonies, including catholic and protestant services.


Over the years, we’ve overseen a wide variety of religious wedding ceremonies and we continue to take great pride in helping all our clients realise their dream Italian wedding, whatever religious requirements they may have.


We have an intricate and far-ranging understanding of marriage law, with a specialist focus on foreign marriages in Italy, which enables us to accommodate all sorts of national, cultural and legal requirements. Whatever your requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re always happy to discuss your options and hopeful of helping you realise the Italian wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

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Catholic and protestant ceremonies


In addition to our beautiful villas, where we’re able to host a variety of legally binding religious ceremonies, Romantic Italian Weddings is proud to offer a choice of beautiful local churches and historic Cortona Cathedral as possible wedding venues.


We can host a protestant service at any of our venues, including our villas, but a legally binding catholic wedding must be held in an actual catholic church.


The following local churches are all available for wedding ceremonies:


  • Cathedral of Cortona
  • Church of San Filippo
  • Church of Santa Maria Nuova


The first two are all located in the historic centre of Cortona, while the Church of Santa Maria Nuova, originally designed by Giorgio Vasari in the 16th Century, is nestled on the hillside just outside the city walls.


The Cathedral of Cortona is our most popular choice and makes for an undeniably grand catholic wedding venue. Composing a central nave, two aisles, a grand barrel vaulted ceiling and two rows of columns with Brunelleschi-inspired capitals, the grandeur of the cathedral’s imposing interior is guaranteed to give your wedding ceremony that all-important wow factor.

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