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Religious Ceremony Package



The package can be tailored upon request.


  • Our Elopement Package “NO STRESS” has been designed for our couples who wish to have a religious ceremony but do not want to deal with the legal paperwork. The idea of flying off to Italy and marrying the partner of your dreams is now possible and we’ve created a specially designed package to allow you to enjoy your Special Day!
  • Therefore, we’ve come out with a proposal: a religious Protestant ceremony in one of the most antique and charming churches in Cortona, Tuscany: The cathedral of Cortona performed by a Pastor. You can then decide to get legally married back home prior to your Religious ceremony in Italy.


The ceremony can be celebrated at:

The package includes the below:

  • free use of the software “8 steps for a perfect wedding”
  • unlimited possibilities to contact us through emails
  • unlimited number of phone calls from our office to your number
  • personalized assistance by marco and romantic italian wedding staff.
  • a meeting is included to double check the whole wedding organization and a complete schedule of all your appointments during the stay.

The package includes also the following services:

  • For the protestant ceremony in the Cathedral of Cortona (Our Pastor will contact you to create together your order of ceremony);
  • Groom and witnesses waiting up front;
  • Then Bride and Groom process to the chancel to sit together.;
  • Violin music as prelude/entrance.;
  • The bridal couple may process up the nave together to the chancel and may sit together;
  • Introduction;
  • Lesson;
  • God has created us to live in harmony with him and with each other. He has ordained that man and woman shall be one, and he has confirmed this fellowship by his blessing. Marriage is God’s generous gift. To live together as man and woman is to live in trust and love, to share joy and sorrow and to faithfully stand by each other until life ends.
  • Address;
  • The Minister gives an address based on one of the lessons read under part or on another appropriate text from the Bible;
  • The Marriage Vows;
  • Giving of Rings;
  • Intercession;
  • Music/Acts of Symbolism;
  • The Blessing;
  • Violin music;
  • The bride and groom leave the church together.
  • An English speaking interpreter will accompany you for all the appointments related to your wedding package.”.
  • Total assistance with the organization of the Protestant ceremony beforehand; all details will be agreed between you and your Minister by e-mail;
  • On request, personal vows or readings chosen by the couple;
  • Ceremony text layout, which will be sent beforehand to the couple for their approval;
  • Presence of an English speaking Minister who will introduce and direct the ceremony;
  • A gift for the couple: a parchment on Florentine painted paper;
  • Unlimited possibilities to contact us through emails;;
  • Unlimited number of phone calls from our office to your land phone number;;
  • Meeting to double check the whole wedding organization point and a complete schedule of all your appointments;;
  • Rehearsal on the morning of the day before the event in the venue of the ceremony;;
  • Full assistance on the wedding day.
Photo coverage for the ceremony and photo tour:

Photo tour: Check below photos taken in the medieval town of Cortona and nearby the Villa and Cortona in Olive, Lavender, Poppy, Sunflowers, Grape and Easter Seasons

  • please visit this link to see the photos of some previous weddings we had in Cortona.
  • You will receive the photos by “We Transfer” within 15 days from the wedding day.
  • 3 hours of coverage.
  • All the shots of the day taken (unlimited pics) in high resolution (details file: size 30x20cm, 300dpi), optimized in post production and ready for the print.
  • Right to reprint them for private use. No watermarking.
  • Saving files in photographer archive for 1 year.
  • Travel and all photographer taxes included.
  • Our florist can capture your idea about your ideal bouquet perfectly; trust their artistic skills and let them create for you the flowers you’ve dreamed about all your life.
  • All our florists are both talented and also extremely helpful, flexible and friendly and even if you will require bridal bouquets that might seem unusual or peculiar they will capture your ideas perfectly and to quote what an ex bride said : “the flowers will turn out to be even better than what you have envisioned”.
  • 1 bouquet for the bride
  • 1 boutonniere for the groom
Hair style and makeup for the bride at the best Salon in town
  • A great professional will make you the most beautiful bride of the world
Violin during the ceremony. Professional artist will play at the topic moments of the ceremony
  • Professional artist will play the most touching pieces at the topic moments of the ceremony.Please see his extended repertoire

Two witnesses

  • for the ceremony


Wedding reception meal in an exquisite restaurant for 2

  • Ristorante Tonino, a nice lavish restaurant with wine and wedding cake included
  • Click here to see a video of the restaurant located in Cortona.
  • A Glass Of Prosecco To Toast
  • With Mixed Fried Vegetables: Sage, Courgette, Aubergine, Olives, Pepper, Italian Style Fries
  • Flat Bread With Rocket
  • Black Tuscan Crouton
  • Croutons With Porcini Mushrooms
  • Mediterranean Croutons With Aubergines
  • Croutons With Praga Ham And Gruyere
  • Delicious Crouton With Speck And Mascarpone Cheese
  • Salted Beignet With Gorgonzola Cheese And Paprika
  • A Small Basket With Grana Cheese, Vegetables And Filangè Of White Meat Dressed With Bear Fruit Liquor
  • Sheep Milk Cheese Flan With Tuscan Cheese Fondue Jug
  • Strips Of Fresh Pasta With Strips Of Courgette
  • Tortelloni Pasta Filled With Parmezan Cream, Rocket And Shaves Of Grana Cheese
  • Ravioli Pasta Filled With Sheep Milk Cheese
  • Ravioli Pasta Filled With Aubergine, Cherry Tomatoes And Burrata Cream
  • Cappellacci Pasta Filled With Pistacchio Nut
  • Thin Soup Noodles With “CINTA SENESE” Race Pork Meat
  • Raviolini Pasta With Treviso’s Chicory
  • Smoked Pasta Quills
  • Tagliatelle Pasta With Tuscan Sauce
  • Mexican-Sombrero Shaped Pasta With Courgette And Almonds
  • Tagliolini Pasta With Mushrooms
  • Garlic Pici In Toasted Bread
  • Buckwheat Strips Of Pasta With “Cherry” Tomatoes And Aubergines
  • Fillet With Wine Or Wild Herbs Or Balsamic Vinegar
  • Vegetarian course made by a basket with dressed salad, grilled vegetables and pecorino cheese served with marmalade
  • Vegetarian course made by a basket with dressed salad, grilled vegetables and vegetables flan.
  • A Small Basket With Dressed Salad Or Grilled Mixed Vegetables (Tomatoes, Aubergines, Porcini Mushrooms And Peppers)
  • A Selection Of Desserts Called “Melody”: Cream Drops With Berries, Hot Chocolate Cake, Creme Caramel, Coffe Ice-Cream Cake
  • Wedding Cake To Chose Among The Ones We Propose You (Millefoglie Or Sponge Cake Covered With Confectioner’s Sugar, Cream Or Fruits)
  • Aperitif: “Valdobbiadene” VALDO Prosecco
  • White Wine: PINOT GRIGIO Or CHARDONNAY “Sass Ter”
  • Red Wine: MONTEPULCIANO “Dei”
  • Desert Wine: MOSCATO
  • Coffee

1 box with a selection of 3 Wine Bottles Tuscan production, produced in our Farm Estate as our Wedding Gift, will be delivered you to your hotel, (the box includes)
1 Red wine
1 White wine
1 Prosecco

Total price of the Religious Ceremony Luxury Package – NO STRESS – is: € 5045

  • (the price of the package is intended for 2, meaning €2522,50 per person.)
  • The prices include the taxes (VAT 22%)
  • This package is perfect for 2 persons
  • What’s more, it is the best solution for a small size party (8-12 people). There will be an additional charge of €50/person to accommodate the extra guests.
  • The additional cost per each extra adult guest partecipating at the wedding reception meal is €74,30.
  • Any additional services that is not described or listed above is not included in the package
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