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If you are reading these words, you are about to understand if Romantic Italian Weddings and its Villas are the right company for you.

Unlike all the other websites that you will visit while searching for the perfect wedding in Italy, I have put all the information you need to organize your wedding abroad online.

Surely at this time all this information is overwhelming, it is for this that I suggest you to visit only 5 pages as below indicated.


Check underneath the answer to the 3 topics that interest you most at this time

1. I am looking for a beautiful villa for my wedding that can accommodate all or at least most of my guests, where I can (if I wish) celebrate the ceremony and also have the outside reception without moving all my guests elsewhere. What do you have to offer?
Check the answer by visiting:
Villa San Crispolto – Floor Plan
Villa Baroncino – Floor Plan

2. How much a whole wedding will cost me with everything included? From the ceremony, to the reception, the Wines, prosecco, beers, bars, decorations, photographer, flowers, hairdresser and make up, music for the ceremony and for the party … and so much more
Check the answer by visiting:

3. How much will the accommodation cost to my guests?
Check the answer by visiting:
Villa San Crispolto – Villa & Wedding Prices
Villa Baroncino – Villa & Wedding Prices

Try these 5 pages, if you find them interesting I am sure that in the next days you will come back many times and visit Romantic Italian Weddings by Marco Bernasconi website and you will want to learn more and read all the rest …
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