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Villa Baroncino - Charming Package



The popular Charming Package has been designed by our expert wedding planners to provide an all-inclusive wedding solution that includes more than just the basics.


Our all-inclusive wedding packages are designed to take the stress out of wedding planning. Sitting between our Classic and Luxury packages, the Charming Package brings together a selection of services that should suit couples who envisage a vibrant, extravagantly catered wedding with plenty of musical entertainment.


Please see below for a detailed list of everything you can expect from our Charming Package . In addition to this package, we’re more than happy to build your “personalized package” to your specific requirements.


To discuss the Charming Package with one of our wedding planners call us today on +39.335.8120855


The below package is based on 40 guests but we’re happy to accommodate up to 120. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, we’re more than happy to discuss any special requirements you may have.




The package price has been calculated for a legally recognized wedding including all necessary fees.

The ceremony can be celebrated at your choice in

The package includes the fees for:

  • Cortona Town Hall
  • Cathedral of Cortona
  • The use of the Garden Temple


  • Range Rover Evoque Carbon Edition for the wedding day (Villa – ceremony – photo tour – reception)
  • Valid for ceremonies in Cortona

Detailed information as to the procedures to be followed:

  • The cost for complete assistance in organizing your ceremony
  • The signing of the legal paperwork at the registrar office in Cortona
  • Ceremony organized at the villa
  • Complete assistance in organizing the required documents
  • Lodging of the documentation at the town hall office
  • Consular expenses paid in advance
  • Interpreting services at the offices in Cortona for the affidavit the day prior to the wedding
  • Interpreting services of the wedding day including the ceremony
  • Reserving the venue for the ceremony on your behalf.

The package price has been calculated for  Irish Citizens, different fees (less or more) may be applied for other citizenship.

Romantic Italian Wedding organization


We will exchange numerous e-mails and spend many hours in front of our computers. We are very happy to do this. We will do our best by searching and making phone calls, traveling around to find what is needed to fulfill your requests.

The Charming Package includes the below:

  • free use of the software “8 steps for a perfect Wedding at our Villas”
  • free use of the software “wedding budget calculator”
  • unlimited possibilities to contact us through emails
  • unlimited possibilities to visit the villa before the event (respecting our timetable)
  • unlimited number of phone calls from our office to your number
  • once you’ve reached the villa for the week of your wedding, we offer 30 hours of personalized assistance by Marco and Romantic Italian Wedding staff.
  • at your arrival, a meeting is included to double check the whole wedding organization point and a complete schedule of all your appointments during the week
  • a rehearsal is included on the morning of the day before the event in the venue of the ceremony
  • full assistance is included on the wedding day from the morning till the end of the reception.

In addition to the directly connected wedding services above, to make it even more special The Charming Package includes both presents below:

3 Nights Stay at Villa Baroncino as a Pre-Wedding Visit:

Come and visit us before your wedding to plan your perfect day!

Take advantage of our 3 night stay offer and write to us in order to book your stay!

If Villa Baroncino is not available for your visit we'll propose an alternative villa!

Booking your stay here in advance is mandatory. Write to us to check availability!

Click here

to see photos and full descriptions


1 week rental Free of Charge of a FIAT 500 THREE COLORED ITALIAN FLAG or a Peugeot 208

Click here

to see photos of the cars available.

The “Charming Package” includes the exclusive use of our 5 star

  • Villa Baroncino can house up to 50 people.
  • Reception meals can be up to 120 people.

The “Charming Package” has been calculated using one of the menus among the ones available with our caterers.

Reception meal of 3 courses and wedding cake, organized for 40 people. The courses of this menu are:

San Lorenzo Menu by Caterer Renata

  • an aperitif served around the pool
  • a buffet of appetisers OR a first course
  • 1 main course with side dish served per person
  • the wedding cake
  • fruits and coffee or tea
Full Description

The price listed includes:

  • Tables
  • Tablecloths and Napkins
  • Chairs
  • Porcelain dishes
  • Glasses
  • Cutlery
  • Staff (cooks , waiters, ecc…)

the number 40 is just an example, we can hold at the villa receptions up to 120 guests, in case your number is different from 40 ask us directly for a more accurate estimation.

Drinks included for your reception


  • 320 Bottles of Villa Baroncino Red/White or Prosecco Wine.
  • 200 beers (Italian Moretti or Peroni)
  • 5 Kg of Extra Virgin Olive oil produced by our farm estate. Upon request it can be bottled as wedding favours.
  • All the necessary bottled mineral water
  • For information on this visit Wine & Wedding Package

The “Charming Package” includes the:

  • OPEN BAR with drinks delivered (no corking fee) for 5 hours during the party for 40 guests;

The Bar options are:

  • A – OPEN BAR
  • B – CASH BAR

The bar options include the present hereunder:



Would you like to personalize your counter bar with a light effect that will make your entire party bar eye-catching?

The “Charming Package” includes the possibility to have the use of an authentic Tuscan barn for the ceremony or the Reception

Don Carlo Barn is a typical Tuscan barn, used anciently to store the means of working the land such as trucks etc. as well as a place to store the harvest. The building is completely open on 3 parts and offers a perfect solution to have either the ceremony either the reception meal protected by the strong sun or other weather phenomena but still maintaing an outdoor event.

With all the suggestions that a typical and authentic structure such as a Tuscan barn can offer you for your marvellous wedding here.

The “Charming Package” includes the possibility to have an Outdoor Reception and/or Marquee use for the reception meal.


But if the weather does not give you 100% guarantee that you can carry out the entire event without protection, only Villa Baroncino can offer you a splendid fully openable marquee with glass windows.


In case you think marquees are a summer-only option, ours is equipped with heating, making it an effective year-round reception venue.


Please click here to see photos of the marquee at Villa Baroncino.

In Addition, to make it even more special The Charming Package includes the 3 presents below:

  • Present  1: Wedding Lighting
  • Present  2: Light Up LOVE Letters
  • Present  3: Wedding Decorations
Click Here

to see photos of the 3 Presents

The “Charming Package” includes the:

Photo coverage for the ceremony and photo tour:

Photo tour: Check below photos taken in the medieval town of Cortona and nearby the Villa and Cortona in Olive, Lavender, Poppy, Sunflowers, Grape and Easter Seasons

  • please visit this link to see the photos of some previous weddings we had in Cortona.
  • You will receive the photos by “We Transfer” within 15 days from the wedding day.
  • 3 hours of coverage.
  • All the shots of the day taken (unlimited pics) in high resolution (details file: size 30x20cm, 300dpi), optimized in post production and ready for the print.
  • Right to reprint them for private use. No watermarking.
  • Saving files in photographer archive for 1 year.
  • Travel and all the taxes included.
  • 1 bridal bouquet
  • 1 bouquet for the attendant
  • 1 boutonniere
  • 1 arrangement at the church/city hall
  • 1 table arrangement for the reception
  • A Test for the bride for the hairstyle the day before the wedding;
  • A Test for the bride for the makeup the day before the wedding;
  • Hairstyle and Makeup for the bride on the wedding day;
Trio of String Musicians during the ceremony as well as while aperitifs are served at the villa.
Deejay for your party
  • The stereo equipment will be set up before the reception starts.
  • During the meal there will be background music and the possibility to use the wireless microphone for the speeches.
  • The DJ will be at your entire disposal from 8.30pm to 1.30am.
An Affaire of the Heart's Wedding Suite Decor

The most intimate night of your life ...need a warm and Romantic bed room We'll provide you a Romantic treat the night of your Wedding.

  • Rose petals
  • Strawberries
  • Champagne

The “Charming Package” includes:

“APE PROSECCO BAR” served during the aperitifs time on an Ape Piaggio.

Ape Prosecco Bar

Italian Ice cream cart served to your guests during aperitifs time
The 1965 Vintage Vespa available for photos on the wedding day.
Limoncello shots, give your guests the feeling of a touch of Italy.

Use it as a small drink after the cocktail hour to kick off the dinner reception in a fun and memorable way.

Wedding Tiered Pizza Cake set up and 20 pizzas served to your guests during your wedding party
Funky Photo Booth for the wedding evening for amazing photos with your guests and so much fun…
The Funky Booth
Professional Fan Nebulizer & hot air generators

Complete the comfort of your guests on the wedding day providing the perfect temperature.

Cool Look
Pizza Buffet & Prosecco Party with 20 pizzas to welcome your guests upon arrival.
Hog Roast, Typical Italian traditonal food organized in the garden of the villa for 40 people to thank your friends for joining you for your special day in Italy!;
Karaoke Night to sing and have fun with your guests listening to your favourite music selection
Wine Tasting Wonderful wine experience for 5 people

The “Charming Package” includes the:

Final cleaning fee and internet services.


  • The price includes the Bride and Groom accommodation in the Wedding Suite for 7 nights.
  • The price doesn’t include the guests accommodation cost. The cost of the accommodation is usually shared by the wedding guests
  • You can check the prices with the help of the Wedding Budget Calculator at this link
  • A discount of €900 on the total bill of the accommodation costs will be applied to whom purchases the Charming package

Some useful statistics for you:

  • In 2019, the average number of guest occupancy per week was of 38.94 adults and 4.58 children
  • The accommodation cost per day varied from €39,7 to €52 based on an average weekly stay; it changes in accordance to how long your guests wish to stay ( max 50, min 38 )
  • The average cost per day based on a weekly stay was of € 48,28 (equal to 40,24GBP, compared to the average GBP / EUR exchange rate recorded in 2019)
  • Villa Baroncino is the “Large” Villa with the cheapest price in all Umbria/Tuscany, Italy in 2019
  • Considering:
  • the wine and olive oil offer,
  • the luxury car for the wedding day,
  • the 3 nights rental at Panorama Bello,
  • the 1 week car rental,
  • the wedding lighting,
  • the light up love letters,
  • the wedding decorations
  • All free of charge
  • and more than 130 “5 stars” reviews on Tripadvisor, check this link for details
  • Still not enough to book immediately because it seems  “too good to be true”?
  • Come and visit to convince yourself it is as stunning as it looks!
  • 2022 Charming Package with Symbolic ceremony in the villa garden is € 17.915
  • A discount of €900 on the total bill of the accommodation costs will be applied to whom purchases the Charming Package.
  • 2022 Charming Package with Catholic ceremony in the Cortona Cathedral is € 18.243
  • 2022 Charming Package with Legally Binding ceremony in the Villa Garden is € 18.773
  • 2022 Charming Package with Civil Wedding in the Cortona Town Hall is € 19.058

( prices include all fees, VAT and taxes )

This Package is already amazing! Want more?  Upgrade the “Charming Package”:

Rehearsal dinner 1
DJ Beach Party

Rehearsal Dinner with drinks included for all your guests  (Prosecco, Wines and Limoncello) in a restaurant beautifully located by the shore of the Lake
+ DJ Beach Party Lake view
+ Transportation round way for all your guests from the villa


The cost is €23 per person


One of the most popular choices!
Add the cost to your package or ask your guests to pay their quote.
An unbelievable successful night to complete your week of celebrations!

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