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How easy it is to get legally married in Italy?

How easy it is to get legally married in Italy?

Italy is among the most popular destinations chosen by wedding couples wishing to get married abroad! Breathtaking landscapes, art, history, great weather, antique luxury villas, beautiful churches and cathedrals and last but not least delicious genuine food and wine. More and more couples choose this magnificent country every year for their destination wedding..

Getting married abroad is a complex legal process and, if mismanaged, could lead to all sorts of future difficulties. Happily, our team of experts draws on years of experience and intricate knowledge of the ins and outs of marriage law. Either a civil or religious ceremony, anyone can get married in Italy.
Because there is no legal obligation to be a resident in this country before getting married here, it makes the whole process feasible!
Romantic Italian Weddings will provide you with all the information to get married in Italy and will provide you with exact legal requirements and documents needed! With the help of our expert team, the whole process will be a breeze.
Wherever you’re from Romantic Italian Weddings will ensure that your wedding is valid both here and in your own country.
We pride ourselves on providing a complete end-to-end wedding planning service. It includes a strong focus on the legal aspects of your marriage.

Our services include:

• a legal specialist to personally assist you – regardless of nationality
• an interpreter (English-Italian)
• Step-by-step guidance through paperwork and standard procedures
• Up-to-date information on the latest rules established by the Consulate or Embassy

Following Italian law, all foreign citizens wishing to get married in Italy need to make a declaration of marriage before the wedding. We’ll accompany you personally to all the offices involved!

With over 500 weddings behind us, you can rest assured that our expert team are thoroughly acquainted with the requirements of a legally binding marriage in Italy. We are guaranteeing you that your wedding is legally recognized back home, without the need to worry about anything. We’re here to guide you through each stage of the process and ensure that every requirement is attended. Romantic Italian Weddings will guide you through every step, making it extremely easy for you and not stressful at all!

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