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Read our article and find out how easy it is “To get married abroad”. 

We provide trusted, independent, information and advice to couples planning their wedding abroad. Romantic Italian Weddings has specialized in destination weddings since 2002. We’ve organized more than 1000 weddings so far, and we’ll provide you assistance at every stage of planning, the fun parts and the not so fun parts!

Planning a Successful Wedding Abroad is not as difficult as it may seem. Still, in the beginning, you don’t know where to begin. Is your mind going around in circles and you’re not sure where to start your Destination Wedding Planning?

As a first thing ever if you wish to tie the knot abroad you’ll need to choose a place where to get married. One of the best places to get married overseas is Italy naturally.

Romantic Italian Weddings will guide you through the planning process step by step so everything will start to slot into place!

Get Married Abroad Guide!

·         Make your decision

Be blissful and convinced with your decision to get married abroad. There are advantages and disadvantages of having a destination wedding, make a list of everything and make your decision.

·         Choose Your Destination

Narrow down and select your wedding destination. When doing this, make sure you take into consideration the distance from local airports and logistics, making sure it’s going to be comfortable and straightforward for everyone! There are lots of beautiful places in the world. Still, the one you choose will need to be beautiful, affordable and easy to reach. What better place than Tuscany, Italy then?

·         Set a Budget

Have an approximate figure of what you would like to spend on your wedding. Talk to us and tell us how much you wish to spend, we’ll propose the most suitable solution for you! Even if you have a large budget, always do your research to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

·         Guests List

Write down your guest list. Think about the size of your wedding, who you would like to celebrate with: very close family and friends, or a larger celebration. When inviting guests to your wedding, keep them fully informed to ensure coming to your wedding abroad is as easy and smooth as possible. Another great advantage of planning a wedding abroad is the number of guests that is significantly less numerous and therefore it will cost less!

·         Hire a wedding planner

Select the best and most trustable company to plan your wedding, a company that replies quickly and in details of all your questions and will provide you with an overall cost in less than 48 hours. The beauty of the venue is fundamental, but if you hire the wrong company planning your wedding abroad will turn into a total nightmare!

Well, carefully evaluate the above advice if you wish to plan your wedding abroad and trust Romantic Italian Weddings in organizing your Big Day. The planning phase can be just as exciting as your wedding day itself. Make the most of it and enjoy it”.

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