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Make Your Wedding Menu Outstand!

Make Your Wedding Menu Outstand!

Whether your wedding is set to be a small and intimate occasion, or a full-on large scale reception, our team will tailor your day and your menu to be perfect for you.

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The bride and groom often spend months researching the best menu for their wedding day, but many times they hardly remember what they ate that night! Not many guests either remember exactly what they ate at the wedding a few months later. That’s fine. Provided that the food is delicious, the quantities are suitable, and everyone is satisfied. The reception meal is a real success. Our extensive experience in arranging weddings has led to us holding excellent relationships with suppliers of the finest ingredients and the region’s best wine merchants, whilst crafting a brilliant team of staff to run your day.
Choosing the menu shouldn’t require much effort because our team, together with our expert catering services, will provide guidance and advice along the way. Our chefs, cooks and waiting staff look forward to serving you and your guests exceptional cuisine in both Italian and international gourmet styles. All of our menu choices offer a wide range of variety, and each of our chefs are passionate about the food they serve. With Romantic Italian Weddings at the helm of your special day, is guaranteed to be a perfect blend of quality, professionalism and passion.

Statistics show that almost half of the wedding budget goes to the catering in general, but this won’t be the case with our company as we’ve selected the best catering services in the area at the best prices ever! Menus that go from the informal three courses meal up to the traditional Italian 5 or 8 courses beautiful menus. A balanced selection of food, ingredients and savours will keep guests happy and save you money at the same time. Our wedding catering is suitable for all types of budget, Whether you’re planning a huge feast or a small reception.
We’ll arrange for a detailed meeting with your chosen catering company to discuss other particular preferences or special dietary restrictions. When you opt for a sit-down dinner, trying to satisfy every dietary preference isn’t possible, therefore aim for a menu that appeals to you and to most people’s taste and takes into consideration only some special cases such as food allergies, religious restrictions or vegetarian preferences.

Offering quality food and a well-balanced menu is a must-have for a wedding. A talented cater who knows how to be creative by using fresh ingredients to produce interesting recipes can make this happen! All our menus can begin with drinks and appetisers by the pool, allowing you and your guests to relax and
whet your appetite ready for the upcoming courses. Everyone, especially your International guests, will surely appreciate the treasures of the Mediterranean cuisine.
Food stations can be interesting like, for example, a gourmet pizza station or a selection of fried foods, selection of Italian cheeses or local delicious cold cuts!
Italy is also famous for its wine, and at Romantic Italian Weddings, we’re passionate about providing the very best wine for you and your guests. Both Villa Baroncino and Villa San Crispolto are working wide producers, providing red and white wine, and prosecco.
All of our Wedding Packages include 320 bottles of our own wine and 200 bottles of Moretti Beers.

Wine table menu
Serving your guests wine from the very estate they’re on adds a special touch to your reception, and we’re always happy to provide tastings before the wedding should you wish to sample.
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