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3 Ways to start planning a wedding for Career Women!

3 Ways to start planning a wedding for Career Women!


Romantic Italian Weddings will help tackle the stresses and strains of wedding planning and ensure your big day is remembered for all the right reasons.

As anyone who’s experienced the stresses and strains of planning a wedding will tell you, it can be an overwhelming experience, especially when you also have a demanding job.
Are you organizing a large-scale event with lots of guests, entertainment, catering and accommodation, staying on top of it all and keeping costs under control? Is no mean feat. Wedding planning requires lots of energy, plenty of time, artistic skills, ongoing research, and follow up from the moment you start till the moment you walk down the aisle.

Check the good news though: get things done with less effort and significantly less stress. So, what’s the key to keeping your wedding stress-free and stopping costs from spiralling out of control? Get organized and enlist the help of seasoned professionals!

1. Organization

With 16 years and over 650 weddings behind us, Romantic Italian Weddings know a thing or two about planning the perfect wedding.

We’ve developed ‘8 steps to a perfect wedding’: a system that will guide you through the process of planning your big day, ensuring that everything’s taken care of with the minimum of fuss.
Our online 8 steps planner will make the whole wedding planning a piece of cake! Much more comfortable than organizing a wedding back home. The 8 steps include all those separate lists that you have to do on your own, and no detail is left behind:

• a wedding planning checklist
• wedding budget checklist
• a wedding vendor checklist
• a guest list checklist.

Not sure what style your wedding should be and want to get inspired? Save time by finding inspiration through Romantic Italian Weddings social media with all our previous weddings…. You‘ll be amazed by how fanciful and exciting our Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram pages can be.

Use your time in the most productive way possible!

  • Add the wedding tasks to your calendar and schedule useful reminders on your smartphone and your computer.
  • Create the wedding checklists
  • Split duties with your husband to be
  • and create deadlines so that everything is accomplished on time!

Our 8 step plan will help you navigate the path to your wedding day, bringing structure to a process that can become overwhelming.

2. Communication

Planning your wedding can be very exciting!
And during this particular time of your life, the people around you may want to be part of your team and to help you the best way that they can.

Do involve your beloved ones and ask for help when you need it, your friends and family will be happy to give you a hand.

Communication, without a doubt, is fundamental when planning a wedding!
Romantic Italian Weddings team will be with you each time you need it.
You can call your wedding planner as often as you want and send over your question lists, your queries will be answered asap!
For example you can tell your wedding planner the style, wedding theme, set up, favourite colours and overall budget. It’s fundamental to communicate the right message to your suppliers and wedding planner. Share your thoughts with your fiancé and have a friendly chat together before making any critical decision. It’s essential to make plans together and make those decisions that will satisfy both of you!
With Romantic Italian Weddings, the wedding planning process will be thrilling and enjoyable for you and for your family or friends. They wish to contribute to the Big Day!

3. Hire a wedding planner

An experienced wedding planner is a lifesaver, and one of the best decision ones can make when organizing their wedding abroad. You‘ll never regret making this decision.

Are you afraid that your budget doesn’t allow full wedding planning services by a professional? A professional wedding planner will help you save and will make sure you get the best service for the money spent!
With the experience, a planner has, he/she will always come up with new ideas and give you back up plans. A good planner is a good investment!

About Romantic Italian Weddings:
We operate since 2002, and we specialize in destination weddings in Umbria & Tuscany, Italy, aiming to give you outstanding events that will be remembered forever!

Feel free to contact us, we’ll be happy to hear from you and start designing your dream event in Italy!

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