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Wedding Planner yes/no?

Wedding Planner yes/no?

If you are thinking of organizing your wedding abroad, hiring a wedding planner could be one of the best decisions ever!
He made the wedding proposal so what’s next? As expected the wedding preparations… The internet research, phone conversation with family and friends to find out who did this before, the best shop where one can buy the wedding dress, what to write in the wedding invitations, choosing the right venue for your ceremony & reception, transportation logistics, the best photographer to capture the beautiful day in one’s life, the flowers and decorations and so much more …
Oh there are so many things to organize in a wedding and on top of all one has this constant thought: ‘How do I get started’? Among the most frequent questions that a bride-to-be faces is without doubt this one: ‘Do I need a wedding planner or I can plan everything on my own? It can’t be that complicated, is it?’
Good question: why should I pay for a wedding planner when I might be able to plan my wedding the way I like it and on my own! Not really sure if it’s worth the money in my wedding budget!

1. Family & friends:

‘Maybe my mum, my cousin, my bridesmaid or even my best friend could help me in the overall planning?’ Yes, this might be possible if these people have super powers that combine the skills of a wedding planner, a designer, a florist, an accountant and they are willing to dedicate an important amount of time searching for the best venue and most suitable vendors. It’s a lot to ask for, isn’t it? Your beloved ‘helpers’ may lose the best and most fun part of your wedding? Your family and friends should only show up and have a great time and so one needs a person who is there to do all the working.

2. Knowledge of your wedding

A wedding planner has lots of experience and can suggest you things you were not even aware of… A wedding planner asks questions one never seem to think of, that aren’t present on any of the lists but when they come up one is left wondering, how come I didn’t think of that? You can tell these questions come from previous weddings experience. You can choose an all inclusive wedding package so the wedding planner knows all the details and will be with you from the very early stages until the moment you leave on your honeymoon.

3. I don’t have enough time to deal with the wedding

My job is very demanding or my husband –to-be travels a lot and so we are never at home relaxed and able to concentrate on the wedding planning details…..I need someone who can do the research and make the appointments to maximize the time I am home.

A wedding planner researches and suggests different vendors for each single service. It is really nice to just sit back and not have to call different places and figure out who to trust because all the vendors you have been recommend have been used dozens of time before…….. Wedding Planning is a time demanding and energy consuming process with at least 20 or more vendors involved, a minimum of 12months preparation with several hours per week dedicated to wedding planning. With our 8 step system all the planning can be done easily from abroad and a bride no longer needs to devote lots of time from her already busy daily schedule for research, appointments, proposals, contracts etc…A wedding planner does all of that for you! A professional will be with you all day long, will make a detailed wedding meeting to discuss all the details and also a proper wedding rehearsal before the Big Day making sure everything will run smoothly on the wedding day…The wedding planner will invite everyone for the traditional pictures, will check that the reception venue is set and everything is ready to start!
The wedding planner does all the orchestra and so his role is fundamental! A planner not only composes the whole puzzle and coordinates the details with a precise schedule but in addition gives advice & ideas, negotiates and manages the wedding budget for the best value to money options!
The wedding planner’s fee may be an obstacle at the very beginning when you still wonder whether to hire a planner or not. But after the wedding and after you have enjoyed a relaxed wedding preparation process and wedding day itself with a professional guidance, no couple will ever regret for their decision to have a wedding planner!
Enjoy your wedding planning from day one and start celebrating before your event even begins!

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