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Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception

Whether your wedding reception is set to be a small and intimate occasion with your closest family and friends or a full-on large scale wedding reception, our Romantic Italian Weddings team will tailor your day to perfection!

With years of experience in planning a wedding reception in Italy, we know what it takes for a day to go perfectly, and we strive to deliver excellence every time. You’re planning the party of a lifetime, and we are here to help you! From budgets to seating arrangements, the latest wedding reception trends, a wine list to match and to hit the dance floor.

A wedding reception is full of logistical decisions you’ve been working through over and over again in the months leading up to your big day. As weddings become more and more focused on guest experience, food and drink are the best way to ensure a memorable event!

Our wedding catering is suitable for all types of budget, whether you’re planning a huge feast or a small wedding reception. Our wedding menus can go from 3,4 or 5 courses up to the famous eight courses of a typical Italian wedding meal and range from traditional rustic Italian cuisine to a full-on gourmet experience.
Below is a list of our caterers with some example menus for your Italian wedding reception:

Caterer Renata “Antica Toscana”
Caterer Claudio “La Collina”
• Caterer “Giancarlo Cerquaglia


My love for you is pizza shaped. Won’t you have a slice? It’s circular, so there’s enough to go around. – Dora J. Arod


Menu tastings

For those wishing to have a menu tasting, planning a visit to us in advance of your wedding is the perfect way to sample some menu choices to help make up your mind. Our menu tasting covers all eight courses so you can enjoy the full wedding menu experience!

Wedding cake

All of our menus come with wedding cake included, made the traditional Italian way. Known as ‘mille foglie’, the Italian wedding cake is made from layers of light pastry, chocolate cream, vanilla cream and in-season fresh fruit. For those wishing for a more traditional English wedding cake, our expert confectioner will happily create a cake based on the cake design you’re after (requires an additional fee).

Late-Night Snack

After a night of dancing and drinking, there’s no better surprise than end-of-the-night with a delicious buffet of Italian Pizza… Your guests will be grateful for carbs to sop up the booze!

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