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Wedding Stationery & Invitations

Wedding Stationery & Invitations

Have you already booked your destination wedding and chosen the wedding theme to match? The next step is to define the details of your wedding stationery! The wedding invitation represents an essential element of your wedding; it is part of the couple’s aesthetic signature that sets the tone to the whole event.

Romantic Italian Weddings has put together this handy wedding cards stationery checklist to get things in order.




·         Be My Bridesmaid cards

Every bride needs her best friend close by in what is the most crucial moment of her life, and a bride needs her help and support. Be My Bridesmaid Card is a charming extra that your friends will surely appreciate: you can also add a heartfelt note about how much your friends mean to you!

·         Save- the- Date cards. 

Save the date cards aren’t THE official invitations but still are very important to make sure your guests have marked your wedding date in their diary. As you are planning a destination wedding guests must be informed plenty of time in advance and so the save the date cards are a MUST HAVE. These cards only contain brief information concerning the location (the area the wedding will be held in), the date, and the bride and groom’s name. They will allow your guests with several months in advance to book their holidays and flights.

·         Invitation cards.

The invitation card includes more information than the “save the date”, it is THE official card that asks your closest friends and family to attend your wedding ceremony and reception. It contains the ceremony date & time as well as the venue locations for the event itself.

As you are planning for a destination wedding that your guests are not familiar with, you might wish to add a map to your invite to make things easier for them.

Include also some info about the local accommodation: hotels, b&b & taxi contacts to move around!

The envelopes should naturally match in terms of colour, design and paper quality.

·         Reception cards.

The card includes the party details, reception style and dress code information. You might wish to retain the data within the invitation cards or make a separate card if you have guests that will only attend the reception & party!

·         RSVP cards.

 They usually come with a stamped envelope inside the invitation envelope so that guests can reply whether they will be attending the reception or not.

These cards are valuable information as they not only count the number of attendees, but they also gather up additional information such as dietary requirements, accommodation preferences, favourite cocktails and songs for the party!



  • Order of Service

The order of service is an excellent way to share with your guests how the ceremony has been created, and it will illustrate traditions or practices they are unfamiliar with and will also supply the words to readings included in the ceremony. Include a phrase in your order of service to thank family and friends for their love and support.

  • Table Plans

It is one of the most challenging tasks at the wedding, and it can change many times in accordance with your guest’s attendance, preferences, friendships etc.

It would help if you displayed the Table Plan at the entrance to the reception so that each guest can easily find his seat.

It can either be printed as a large picture to match the rest of the wedding stationery, or you can get a more original look by creating individual cards for each table and hang them on the olive tree placed near the reception.

  • Menu

It is nice to share the menu with your guests, especially as you and the caterer company have put so much time and effort into creating the perfect meal Your guests will be pleased to see each of the courses of the authentic Italian food they are tasting. Naturally, you need to make sure it ties in with the rest of the wedding theme.  



  • Thank you Cards

Do not forget to send thank you cards! No matter how tired and busy you will be after the wedding, thanking your guests for the time and effort they put in to being part of your wedding is crucial.

You should dedicate the same amount of time and energy to the wedding invitations as to any other aspect of the wedding like choosing the bridal dress, wedding decorations, flowers, wedding cake, reception meal, music etc. Every detail, from the font to the wording, the layout and the colours, the paper quality should contribute to giving your guests a first glance of what to expect. Choosing your invitations is actually one of the first decisions you will need to make for your wedding. Whatever your wedding style is- romantic, rustic, vintage, alternative – try to accomplish a tailored-made result and avoid the preset templates.

It’s YOUR BIG DAY, after all!

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